Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chair News

The lovely and amazing chair I blogged about last week is officially coming home with us from my favorite local interiors store, Maria Tomas:

David agreed it was time to retire the old recliner to the TV room.  Plus, the new off-white chair (coming soon) will be divine for reading, so he is not chair-less.

I have to show you the back of it - such great lines, which is wonderful since this is more or less the view of the chair when you enter the living room:

I was conflicted about the colour, but the sale price was so good, I could not justify paying full price for different fabric.  

It looks quite blue here but reads more like a gray TEAL sort of colour.  It is quite wonderful as it reads gray, then dark green, then slate blue depending on the light.  It looks fabulous with crisp white, silver and linens, my new scheme for the living room.  And it looked amazing with every colour pillow we tried...from bright yellow to greige.  

Now I really need a new living room rug...

Happy weekend!


  1. It's really beautiful.

    Sometimes a new color, or off color, does something exciting for a room.

  2. This makes me so happy. David is such a reasonable man! Can't wait to see it in the room.

  3. Yay. I love that chair. Can't wait to see it in its new home (that is, if you'll photograph and share it with us).

  4. Congrats!! That is a special chair, and I'm so glad you all decided on it. I love the transitional lines and sculptural profile. You two have a wonderful weekend....maybe rug shopping?? :-)

  5. love it, love the colour, the the chair, loving the purchase :)

  6. Ooooh Likey. Very elegant,a small little lumbar pillow in your choice of pattern color may bridge it with your room!

  7. Oh, I'm so glad you decided to buy the chair! You're right, the back is gorgeous.

    My sister and I just got back from three days in Vancouver. In addition to visiting our usual shopping haunts (Heather Ross, The Cross, etc.), we scoped out North Vancouver and West Vancouver this trip. We found a wonderful shop called Da Vinci's Home in West Vancouver and I sort of, ahem, went crazy. I bought five things and there were several others that I was seriously tempted to buy. Da Vinci's Home is definitely on our must-visit list from now on!

  8. I love the elegant shape of your new chair Terri, and the colour sounds intriguing....

    Looks really comfy too!


  9. squeak, thanks for letting me know about davinci home...!!

    i will check it out next time. terri

  10. What a gorgeous new acquisition!

    Lucky ducky x