Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Little More Vancouver

want to share a few more photos from our trip to Vancouver!

It was quite rainy and I could only go for short walks with my broken I did not get far until we rented our car on Friday!

But I can find inspiration anywhere!

I loved these spring-like stone planter boxes at the Hotel Vancouver:

I limped a couple of blocks to J.Crew (which we don't have in Calgary) and loved this inspirational gallery wall.  Retail shops are getting so hip:

Later in the week, we visited the very popular decor shop, The Cross, which is full of fun and eclectic things.  I liked this nautical blue display and fab wallpaper:

I really liked this plaster urn lamp:

And I loved this chair and (completely unaffordable) Ankasa pillow.  My favorite colour is slate blue-gray so it was hard to resist, but $550 for a pillow?  Not in this lifetime:

Our next stop was my friend Heather Ross's simply beautiful store.  Heather's dreamy art and unique found objects, so beautifully arranged, make for a very special space!

I was smitten with this tiny painting, by Heather:

Heather's finds are so unusual...and she has a wonderful stylist's eye, creating dreamy compositions:

I am mad about this clock (and I'm still trying to convince David that we need it).  I don't know if I have the right house for it though.  We may need to move to one with better bones or more character for a piece like this:

Later in the day, David and I stopped by Atkinson's, a wonderful purveyor of fine home decor, including the best china and linens.  I fell in love with this tablecloth, by Le Jacquard Francais, but the one to fit my table was over $600.  Darn!  I will have to put it on my Christmas list...

Then we visited the Granville Island food market, where I always lustily peruse the flower stalls:

On this trip, I discovered Protea, my new favorite ugly flower:

No trip to Granville would be complete without hat shopping!  Apparently everyone has an ideal hat type.  My hat type is the "cloche" or bell, from the 1920's.  I loved this variation on the cloche, with its fedora brim on one side!  I always knew I was born in the wrong decade...sadly it didn't really work with my rain gear.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour...
Happy weekend!


  1. $550 for a pillow is insane. it looks like you guys had a great trip.

    and i'm still laughing out loud over the comment you left me. hahhaha.

  2. You mean you didn't get the hat? You look so darn cute in it, too.

    Hope that you enjoy knock-offs just as well as the originals because some of the prices in Vancouver are exciting and how.

  3. Not cute, not cute at all...I too often go for the easy word. I meant classy or refined or elegant or no, I don't know what I mean. You look dang good, that I do know.

  4. Thanks Vee. Cute is welcome here.

    xo Terri

  5. i love the nautical display. Vintage items but still very current and fresh. Is it the wallpaper that does it?

    Great clock but agree, it's a tough thing to place. I can see it in Trina's house.

    I also find the hat darling. I'll have to get one.

  6. Hi Terri - That hat looks awesome on you!! Really pretty :-)

    Thanks for the tour of those great shops. I can't believe you don't have JCrew! There is one 5 mins from my home, and the one in Georgetown that David went to recently. I've been to the Ankasa store in NYC...really nice. I did buy a long was on sale! A slight defect, but I don't mind.

    Vancouver looks really cool....will have to visit one day. Maybe a trip to Seattle and Vancouver.

  7. The protea flowers remind me of artichokes. They look big and heavy...but very cool.

  8. Looks like fabulous shopping! Would love another trip to Vancouver. Thanks for the inspiration! Tracey xx

  9. What great finds. I love that pillow but wow, what a price. Crazy. Was it stuffed with money?

    Love the photo of you trying on the cloche. It looks great on you.

  10. Your comment made me so happy Terri, Thank you!!

    Canada seems like a really nice place, and so unlike the rest of America. You seem more down to earth. Is it like that? The Cross, interesting shop, assume that one can walk around there and look and have fun for hours.

    Enjoy a nice Sunday ~ Aina

  11. Terri,
    I must agree, omgosh you look so sweet and pretty in that photo with your lovely hat. I think for that tablecloth, you should go to fabric stores you can find something similar and spend like 40 dollars on 2 yards and just hem the piece, 600 dollars for a tablecloth is alot when you can find something just as good.
    At lease that was my opinion. Your trip looked lovely.

  12. Are you ever pretty in that last picture! Loved the hat on you. We still love Vancouver and must visit more often.

  13. Love the vignette from The Cross. All that blue is so pretty. So agree about that pillow but I'm betting w/some trim you could make a very similar one.

    Everytime you go to Vancouver it reminds me how much I want to visit there.

  14. I am loving the lamp on the suitcase (on a side table?) That looks like an idea I could "borrow" for a fraction of the price! Thanks for sharing!

  15. 3 Elements Architecture

  16. Nothing is better than that. Cool!