Friday, May 11, 2012

~ Beautiful (Curvy) Finds ~

While in Vancouver, I found a few very pretty accessories for home at Heather Ross In House.  Heather has exquisite taste, so I could easily have bought another 50 items but narrowed it down to these five!

Because of my broken foot, I didn't have much time to shop as I relied on David to drive me around (he was very patient, but doesn't really like decor shopping).

I love all these little hastily selected objets (usually it takes me FOREVER to choose).

My favorite item is the etched glass vase (left).  The taller bud vase is a chameleon - it looks green in some light but in certain light it can look taupe or even gray.  I love the lines of both: 

I'm very fond of this Eva Zeisel sugar bowl.  I have adored her designs (I am a curve-lover) after seeing a documentary some years ago about her.  I was pleased to find this little bowl.  She was a renowned ceramic artist who died a few months ago at the age of 105.  Here is a short film about her designs that is quite enchanting!:

Another pretty find...a sweet little tiny porcelain bowl:

And this shell vase is a beauty!  It begs for flowers, doesn't it?

If you are in Vancouver, do visit Heather Ross.  I will post some photos of her extraordinary shop soon...

Happy weekend!


  1. Great finds! The Eva Zeisel is one of the nicest pieces I've seen. The other little bowl is also very sweet.

  2. I am SOOOO happy you found some treasures!!! That's my favorite kind of holiday.

    I love the green cool that it can be on the taupe or gray side, too. I can see long, wavy tulips in it.

    Also, I remember Eva Zeisel doing a line for Crate and Barrel a while ago. She was amazing! I did not know she passed away.

    Talk soon,

  3. That was a most intriguing video. I so enjoyed seeing her work with her assistant still giving direction and being involved even while taking those mini naps. Incredible really. And the final shot of her holding a piece that so obviously pleased her. I imagine that is what her work would make anyone wish to do...hold it, even caress it. Your finds are lovely, Terri.

  4. The Eva Zeisel sugar bowl is divine! What a beautiful little masterpiece! Your other finds are also amazing--hard to pick a favorite.

  5. What nice finds I love the green vase, but they all have wonderful shapes.

  6. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Hi there, don't know if you remember me, but have been off blogging for a year. I still drop by your blog, because of your fantastic taste and inspiration you share with others.
    I love how your interior is evolving, I am also re decorating a bit here and there, it's strange how your style and taste can change over the years....

    wish you a lovely weekend!

    regards, Solange (from celebrating my home)

  7. hi solange, of course i remember you! thanks for stopping by!

    xo terri