Saturday, January 28, 2012

~ Assorted Silver ~

I thought it would be fun to photograph more of the assorted silver I bought recently, as many of you enjoyed my Danish Princess post (here).

I also decided to try a watermark-logo on my photos (I need to work on this a bit). I first tried using my name in the logo:

And then I tried using Windlost as my logo:

I love this pile of assorted Danish Princess which was amongst the pieces I bought. I was so smitten with it that I just purchased a custom boxed set on eBay to complete 10 place settings!

I love all the varied patterns. They are all silver plate, but all seem quite heavy and good quality. I like both the ornate and the simple patterns:

The cake server (second from left) has a beautiful patina - I did not want to polish it too much and lose this beautiful detail:

These little tiny servers are really fun and very useful for pickles and compotes and odds and ends:

I'm also fond of this gravy ladle which has a very Art Deco vibe:

Do you like the photos?

What about the watermark? I think perhaps I need to soften/fade it a bit more...

I was going to use Windlost for my logo, but I think having my name is nice also - which do you prefer? Using Windlost would direct people to my blog if any of my photos end up on Pinterest or other websites, but using Terri Price Photography highlights my identity as a photographer in addition to writer-decorator!


  1. Beautiful silver beautifully photographed.

    I like how soft you made the watermark. I think it's very elegant just like everything else you do. As far as your name versus your blog name, it shouldn't matter on pinterest because it should always track back to you. The blog name probably maintains a little more privacy unless you want to establish yourself as a photographer (which it's clear you could).

  2. I agree with Steve's comments. I like the way you've treated the watermark. How are you doing it? I have yet to try this, and think it's a good idea.

  3. I too adore silver, and have been collecting here and there. Some of my favorite pieces are the unusual serving pieces ie fish 'spoon', funky little forks etc. There was a piece for everything! I love the watermark, and I'd say which name you use depends on what your ultimate goal is. Do you want to be recognized mainly for your blog, or do you want to be known personally for your photography? Could you incorporate both?

  4. I really like the watermark with your name in brown. It looks so professional! You're an excellent photographer.

  5. Your collection of silver is beautiful in itself, but your photography really showcases its elegance.

    I like your name as the watermark. Your blog name may change someday, your name will likely not.

  6. Great suggestions everyone. I am still undecided whether or not to use my name or Windlost branding! I will likely try both over the next while and see what resonates most. I do like the privacy of not using my name, but in this modern world, who has privacy any more?

    Thanks for all your comments!


  7. Lovely photography, and your watermark is very elegant and subtle.

  8. there is nothing new i can add to the previous comments other than another round of applause!
    perfectly lovely

  9. lovely, terri. I especially love the monogrammed "A" piece. You know, I'm crazy for vintage silver. I vote for 'windlost.' donna

  10. I really like your watermark. In fact, I think it's the best that I've seen. Can you do both your name and your blog name or would that just be too much? In fact, I've looked so much at the wonderful watermarks, I must return to see the photos.

  11. I think 'windlost' -nice to have a 'brand name' I think?

  12. love the photos!! I swear my mother had one of those patterns - the leaf one that you have a lot of. it looks just like it.

  13. Gorgeous pieces and yes, I LOVE your photos!! I prefer seeing Terri Price photography but agree with Steve about the anonymity of using your blog name.
    Your collection is fabulous.

  14. The silver is almost as wonderful as your photography - and that's some gorgeous silver. I also love the soft classic look of your watermarks and am partial to the ones with Wind Lost.

  15. i think the spacing of the watermark with your name is nice in that the left and right sides of both lines are both justified...what does Windlost look like if its edges marry up with the word photography below it? I find it very pleasing to the eye to have the right/left edges even on the 2 rows.

  16. Anonymous9:39 pm

    So many great patterns here! Thanks for sharing these! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!
    xo E + J

  17. I'm so envious of your BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY. Consider framing those gorgeous shots of your silver. Your name perfectly balances with 'photography' on your watermark. My 'Branding' person says to use your name for the way technology is headed. (I'm use passing it on.)