Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Best Accessory

I think flowers are simply the most elegant (and accessible) accessory for a home. It's especially nice when they match one's decor so beautifully. These "white" (ivory-yellow) peonies look perfect in our dining and living rooms, with all the white, green and browns:
I am very fond of them and don't even mind their strong perfume. I must get some to plant in our garden. These came from the store, bought as tight buds which bloomed profusely once they hit the water:
Flowers are a luxury I make room for in my budget!
Though I admit that at this time of year, I can usually find something in my garden, even if it's just some fern clippings. But when peonies appear in the stores, I am the first in line.
Do you grow peonies?


  1. I love peonies. There were none in this yard when we bought it a year ago and I've planted two bushes, but no blooms this year. Maybe next.

    Your blooms are gorgeous, creamy and rich looking, even if they did come from the store.

  2. Yes, I love them and only wish that they lasted longer. Two days is the max in my home. What wonderful buttery insides yours have...much like mine.

  3. They are gorgeous. A house is not a home without flowers, from the simplest handful of blooms from the garden to peonies, which are my favourite cut flower.

    Your photos are stunning.


    PS Sorry my dear, I still haven't emailed you those photos. Have you resolved the paint colour issue?

  4. Oh my they are amazing...I have had peony bushes in the past, they are my favorite garden flower bar none... I saw some at Safeway last week but I'm afraid that my cat might eat them, do you have any problems with yours when it comes to flowers? Last xmas I put the flowers I received in the locked bathroom when I was not home and over night... as I write this I am thinking I might be just over reacting...

  5. How did I miss this post?

    Peonies are one of a few scents that take me back to my childhood. Lilacs, Lily of the Valley, and good old-fashioned carnations are a few others.

    I have one peony plant that gave me about eight blooms this year but they're always too short lived.

  6. Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have a yard to grow them in (sad pouty face), but I DO love them. Like fat, fluffy, puffy little clouds. I could just make a great big pile of them and jump right in and fall asleep! There's just something lazily and casually beautiful and innately magical about them...they always make me think of the talking flowers in Alice in Wonderland.

  7. I looove peonies.. Marie

  8. Love how lush peonies are, they can transform any space into something magical. Great post! I love all flowers so this has gotten me thinking about adding some to my rather dull living room!
    -Jessica & Holly