Saturday, May 14, 2011

House Painting: Different Door Colours?

In my previous post, I showed sample palettes I've been considering for painting our house. I should have trusted my instincts, as I received several comments and emails voting for the two-tone look I preferred (medium greige on top with the brick painted a slightly darker colour).

Until I change my mind, let's pretend this is my scheme and move on to doors and shutters...!

I am drawn to the crispness of black shutters and door, but admit is quite sedate (hey, I've been known to like sedate).

Keep in mind, in summer, there is colour around with a (brief) pink flowering plum to the right of the step, tons of flower pots out front, and a dark purple ornamental crabapple all summer long (right). In winter, think s n o w...

Option 1: Here is the black + black. I love the crispness of the black.

Option 2: I also like this dark plum door, which coordinates with the apple tree!!! I have left the shutters black, which are unbalanced but will pick up the lantern and mailbox to the right of the door (to be replaced with crisp black).

Option 3: Originally I wanted a slate blue door, but it doesn't relate to anything...except maybe the Colorado blue spruce to the left of the door

Option 4: Ok, here is green for someone who suggested it! Matches the landscape and might look nice out back with all the green doors of the garage, potting shed coordinating with our flower garden.

I tried to choose gray tones of the selected colours, to suit the greige tone of the "Requisite Gray" paint colour ("Manor House" on the brick). I tried bright colours for the door but they looked terrible. As Maria of "Colour Me Happy" always says, the cleaner colours made the gray look dirty!! So I stuck with gray versions of the door colours.

What think ye?


  1. Are you for sure keeping the shutters?

  2. Yes, we are keeping the shutters. Looks too bland without I think!


  3. hi terri,

    ok for sure i love #1. the black w/black. i'm not a fan of plum on exteriors and the other colors don't do it for me. i really think the crisp option of #1 is going to look great when all the flowers are in bloom.

  4. I always like black shutters and doors. They're classic. I have them on my own house. But, I went back to look at the previous post and did like #4 which had browns.

    I think it would be great to add a planter box under your bay window in whatever color you choose! It would also bring the color to the other side and balance things out.

    Also, any thought to updating the door to something that allowed for light?

  5. Over from the Gardener's Cottage -- I'd love to cast my vote, if that's ok. I love, love, love the black.

  6. Yes, we are considering changing the front door. I would like more light, but won't be reinstalling the side light. After experiencing one break-in, I want to minimize the ways thieves can enter my house!!

  7. The black one, please. It adds symmetry to the house - black shutters, black door. And black is just so classy, especially with the greige tones.

  8. Still liking the black. Did the color chips show up yet?

  9. A vote for black for the door -- BUT I would paint the outer moldings in black too! A far more cohesive look -- and make the visual look much stronger.

    If you can't paint the moldings -- then I vote for white to make the whole thing appear more cohesive.

    Also -- consider adding a large pewter door knocker to the door? If you choose a white door -- then perhaps choose to add a black cast iron knocker?

    Just some thoughts!

  10. Hi Terri!

    I definitely think it would look nice if you painted the bricks and then maybe a black door, a white or maybe gray one. Or even the blue one. The plum and green shades aren't as nice imo but hey everyone is different :)

    Such a cute little house tho :)

    Hope all is well!

    Hugs, Susanne

  11. Oh my goodness you are in a quandary Terri! I think Option 2 is probably my favourite.

    I will email you the promised photos.


  12. Hi sweetie

    I like the slate and the plum, how would it look with the door trim in the same colour too instead of white?


  13. i like the plum
    and the black

  14. It's a great post. I like this.

  15. Many different colors look great together. But I love the most is the 1st one.

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  16. Anonymous11:50 am

    So glad to have found your blog. I love the black and plum! I too am redoing a house with similar color issues. I have a '62 ranch that is a mix of orangey red shingles with white trim and a front and center section of varied orange and orangey brown brick with all white above it. It was my parents farm home and has been the same for all this time. Cant wait to paint! But what colors is the quandary... I keep changing my mind! As a sampler I currently have a section by the main entry in a charcoal base, pewter trim, plum door, and of course the white window frames. Im not on a residential street so can play with colors and not offend any neighbors! Ive flowers in blues, purples, plums and reds, with lots of greens, some silver and a salmon thrown in for light.... pretty in this spot but for the whole house I just cant decide!!!! My real question for you however is how did you do your brick..... the color is muted and blends well with your grey but still looks like brick, not like brick with a coat of paint on it.... will you share how you did yours please? Im considering changing the colors around to grey body, black trim and blackberry accent..... so my front could go all grey or black on bottom and grey on top... that would make the brick black though..... oh help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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