Sunday, March 06, 2011

Pendant Love

For my birthday (which occurs on Friday!) I received this wonderful necklace. It is called a "talisman" necklace and is made from an old wax seal, said to be from the 19th century.
The necklace is from a Vancouver company named Pyrrha, (which also, oddly, has a shop in L.A.). Do check out their website and wonderful things.
My pendant has an image of a phoenix on it and the words below "Que Sera Sera" (which means "whatever will be, will be"). I find this very funny because I am not a "que sera sera" person. If anything, I am a certifiable control freak.

I do, however, like the imagery of the phoenix (rebirth, rejuventation). I think that is a very powerful suggestion, to rebirth myself in some aspect of my life.

Perhaps I am meant to be re-born as an easy-going, relaxed, laid-back "que sera sera" type of woman in my next decade?

I like that thought!

P.S. Striped t-shirt from Tristan.


  1. oh terri i love this pendant and i love your shirt and everything about this. you look so beautiful! i see you as a very serene person and these photos back up my idea.


  2. it's absolutely beautiful and I love that it's made from a thing of the past...

  3. Terri, the pendant is wonderful and perhaps is a message to release some of that control BUT what delights me most is seeing such lovely photos of you. They are positively dreamy. Thank you.

  4. You're too cute Terri! I love your new necklace. Please let me know if it does in fact transform you as I will rush out to buy one myself. ;)

  5. I really like that! And even if you're not a que sera sera person, it's a good meditation to try.

  6. Terri It is so special I adore your necklace! happy Birthday!!

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!It is truly beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  7. So loving your birthday pendant, but why are you wearing it before your birthday? hehehe. Just my silly thoughts at work...
    So wish I was the first to leave a comment so I could tell everyone... you Terri are as beautiful inside as your are outside as in these pictures. I hope that comment came out as I wanted it too.
    Have a wonderful birthday week and weekend.
    Regards with a hug, Carol Ann x

  8. Happy Birthday to you and your necklace. Great pics of you. All the very best for the coming year!

  9. Love your pendant Terri! It's so unique and looks great on you.

  10. Terri you are so beautiful!! Happy very belated birthday and I love your talisman. Maybe it will Nudge you to let go a little?

    I adore the lamp and think the size is perfect.
    Huge hug and have been thinking of you, just very behind in my reading.
    Cousin old man