Friday, March 04, 2011

Gaga for Goforth

Ever since Joni blogged about Ashley Goforth back in August (here) I have been madly scouring the internet looking for more of Ashley's work. Since Joni's post, Ashley has updated her website with more photos of her ~ u t t e r l y ~ stunning work (here). I am awestruck.
I can't put a finger on precisely why I love her rooms so much. We all see so many beautiful rooms, but Ashley's strike a perfect note and seem to gather all my tastes up into one perfect box. Isn't the bedroom above gorgeous? I am nuts about it.

All her rooms are clean and uncluttered, lightly layered with beautiful and interesting things. She finds a lovely balance of modern and traditional elements. And her colours - Ashley has already mastered the most beautiful colour palettes, my favorites being those with plenty of white and grayed out blues and browns.
I also *L O V E* the balance of dark notes (exquisite antique furniture) with pale walls (which remind me of Darryl Carter and Mariette Himes-Gomez).

I think we can all take a lesson from her restraint and her beautiful palettes.
I am very sorry to gush, and I also hate re-posting items others have already discussed. I try to keep my content mostly original and personal, but I am so inspired by Ashley's rooms I just had to share them (in case you missed Joni's great post, where she featured several of Ashley's projects).
Ashley's work reaches right into my heart and filters my tastes to a "T". Of course, there is a side of me that loves academic clutter in a room, romantic country florals, and other styles, but Ashley certainly sums up the side of me that likes classic elegance.
I honestly can't get over her rooms. So perfect. And she's so young! I wish I lived in Houston (if I did I'd probably say to hell with engineering and go into interior design for a living). Ashley makes me want to toss out everything I own and start over (with her on retainer)!

Thanks Ashley for sharing your beautiful talent with us and taking the time to email me!


  1. You're right, each room has the perfect balance and are inviting in their own way.

    My favourite from this set is the entry to living area image = divine.

    x Fellicity

  2. I can see why you'd love it so. It is calming and beautifully balanced. Even color-loving I could handle it for a weekend away.

  3. T., I must have missed Joni's post about her so all this is new to me! It is beautiful. You can tell everything, and I mean everything, is carefully chosen. What a beautiful look.

    wonderful post!


  4. I agree completely Terri. Ashley Goforth's work is beautiful and I admire the way she mixes contemporary pieces with antiques. Her website is one of my favorites stops too, ever since seeing the photo's on Joni's blog. Nice to see the photos here too. We all have such good taste, don't we?

  5. Thank you for introducing me to Goforth! It makes me want to start all over too! Her rooms are so pretty and peaceful.

  6. I"m glad you did re-post the pictures as I hadn't seen them before and I have to agree they are totally gush worthy. I can see why you love them as they remind me of your house - with the same soft colour palette and restrained refined decor. Gorgeous.

  7. I too get why you would love this look, restraint is the word for her design & her palettes are wonderful. I must check out Joni's post...
    it's -21 ... stay warm, were going kitchen garbage can shopping today, wo hoo, luck me, lol
    Regards, Carol Ann x

  8. This is surprising to me, Teri, that you love these spaces. I wouldn't have guessed it. I love the color palette of all of them together. Gray and brown is my favorite color combo. They're very pared down which is what is throwing me that you adore them. They each feel like they're missing a few things for me. But they're very lovely, very elegant.

  9. OoooOoo. I see why you love it - it's the perfect combination of cool silvery greys and warm rustic wood - a gorgeous juxtaposition. Contrasting yet complimenting. My favorite sort of thing. YUM!
    Hope you are having a good weekend, sweet one!
    xo isa

  10. absolutely beautiful, I agree with you, there is something so special about the bedroom.
    thanks for sharing this inspiration with us :-)
    have a good sunday Terri!

  11. I would have to agree....nice clean lines....smiles

  12. terri, these pictures totally remind me of you and your place. lots of soothing grays and ea room has a little sparkle. i think you are already on the right track, you don't need to scrap anything.


  13. Her work is so calming. I was in bed the other day just loving the way my gray bedroom walls seem like the sky, so that bedroom is right up my alley.

  14. I know how you feel - coming across an image or a designer whose work really speaks to you. Only fellow design aficionados can really understand this feeling, don't you think? But, like a beautiful piece of art, a great pair of shoes, a beautiful dress (everyone has their own thing) - a great room can really be so artistic and inspirational.