Sunday, October 31, 2010

Help! Do you recognize this china?

I fell in love with these china cups and saucers on Etsy. Sadly they sold quickly. The seller said the pieces were unmarked.

Does anyone recognize this pattern (which appears to be generic) or know of something similar?
I am desperately looking for something fitting this criteria:
a) fine, preferably bone
b) scalloped edges
c) white not cream

I adore this style.
I have been looking for months for a china pattern to love and nothing really spoke to me before these!
If you know a pattern similar to this, I would be forever indebted.


  1. Hi Terri -
    Not exactly the same, but this reminds me of my wedding china, by Richard Ginori. Here is a link - I have the one on the top right, but if you click on pages 2 and 3, there are others that are white with scalloped edges:

    I also love very few china patterns!


    Rachel Joins the Fray

  2. hi terri,

    sorry i can't help you. but since i'm here i want to say hello and happy halloween. i hope all is well with you and i love those cups and saucers too. beautiful.

  3. Hi Terri - That is beautiful china. Try Replacements Ltd. ( Click on the FAQ tab and they have instructions there for sending them pics to try to identify patterns. Hope that helps. Please keep us posted. I love a good hunt for elusive items!

  4. Terri, those are beautiful and I can see how you would be hooked. I agree with Boxwood Terrace, Replacements, Ltd. should be able to help. best wishes. and let us know...

  5. My mother use to like a china called Havaland china. The spelling may not be correct. I know it was bone china at least that is how I remember it and it looked fragile. I hope you are successful in finding the one you like.

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  7. I'm thinking Havilland, also.

  8. I can see why you like it, but can not offer any suggestions other than to echo what's already been said. If I find some at the flea market, they're yours!

  9. Hi Terri!

    Oh wow I love those white simple but delicate cups and saucers :) But sorry I can't help you :)

    I love your photos as always! You always seem to find pretty things :)

    Hope all is well!

    Hugs, Susanne

  10. Hi Terri,
    I am also so in for China right now. I do not think this is the same but please take a look:

  11. I love the delicate handles on those cups...keep looking. There must be some out there!

  12. just stopped by to see if you had any luck at identifying your pattern...and...look! a new header for you! I love it....!

  13. these are seriously gorgeous, I want them too!!!

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