Monday, July 26, 2010

Finding the Light: Help Wanted!

Okay, enough diversions - back to decorating!  

I am currently searching for a beautiful light fixture for our downstairs bedroom.  The room is simple and small, with a wall of book shelves and beautiful grey-blue walls (a custom lighter version of F&B's Skylight).  There is lots of white trim, gently patterned curtains, white bedding, neo-classically inclined night tables, and some plain black & white sketches on the walls and shelves.  

Since there are a few antique brass accents in the room, I thought I would stick with a warm antique brass light fixture, perhaps with a historical influence but cleaner lines. 

 I've fallen in love with this charming lantern from Shades of Light (my favorite online lighting store - affordable, beautiful, current designs), but unfortunately it appears too large for the space, measuring 12" w x 24" h.  Do you know where I can find a smaller one?
While I love this fixture, I think it might overpower the small room with its modest 8 ft ceilings and small-scale furniture.  One interesting thing is that the fixture is not centered in the room but rather will be situated over the leftmost night table.  I hung a paper replica and it looked way too large/tall when you allow for a bit of chain length for hanging): 
After much searching and scratching off of options, I came upon this clean-lined antique brass fixture from Hinkley Lighting.  It is classic but perhaps a little too sedate.  It sits closer to the ceiling, so doesn't need to relate quite so much to the tables and lamps already there : 
 Ideally, I'd prefer a lantern (open) style but would like it to be a little different from the typical glass bell jar variety you see everywhere.  I like this gothic style which is also available in a smaller size, but it's a little churchy to me:
I really want an antique brass fixture that is simple, striking and modern, while still making a nod to tradition.  Any ideas?  If you have a good source for reproduction historical, industrial or old-looking fixtures with clean lines, please let me know.  In the coming weeks, I will hit the local lighting stores (Lee, are you reading?).  : )

Which style do you prefer?


  1. Have you checked out


  2. Yes, great suggestion - Hudson Valley has some nice "old" style fixtures but nothing that caught my eye!
    Thanks - T.

  3. hi teri,

    i love the last one. and btw the room looks positively ethereal. it's so pretty. i think that lantern will look so good in there.


  4. Hi Terri,
    I like the first one a lot. I peeked in at The Shades of Light web site and they have very nice things. Picking out lighting can make my head many options, so many resources to look at. That's perhaps why we have yet to install a ceiling light in our den!!!


  5. I love the second light, I feel the round one will not suite the room.

    I must say its a great idea for that room. Kudo's;-)

  6. Just when I was about to scoot off and tell you to try a model and pray that it've gone and thought of everything. Your attention to detail will get you where you want to go, I do believe. I could settle for anything from the flea market and be done with it. No good asking me! I will be watching carefully, though.

  7. hi teri, love the lamps, both ae nice. but the last one is my preference. I just wanted to ask how the injections went, I was really amazed to read your previous post, I didn-t know it was that bad, I really hope and wish you find a cure and that the botox helps at least a bit.
    good luck and take care!!

  8. I love the last one.
    My favorite lighting is the Dark Sky Revere Outdoor collection from World Imports

  9. I like the first and second lights. sad the first is too big! I have the same problem around here bc of 8 ft home is having at least 10 ft ceilings! LOL. Hope you are doing well!

  10. JUST a thought... but how different might this all look if you weren't using a (presumably) solid "mock-up" for something that is virtually see through? Does that make sense? Since the lantern is actually more airy, it might not feel as large as the paper replica.

    Just thinkin'... :0)

  11. Try CSN too! I think something open with a "light" feel will really suite the room.

  12. Hi Terri! Yes - I am reading!! I will start to look for something that might be suitable. It may take me a week or two to go through all our new catalogues. Will let you know what I find. Very nice to have met you recently! Lee

  13. I finally had a thought. (No comments please.) Have you considered outdoor lighting? Often the choices are unique, less expensive, and more is available in lantern styles.

  14. Your home is A-Maze-Ing!!I will definately be your newest follower. I don't want to miss a thing. I would love for you to come over and join in my giveaway!