Thursday, July 22, 2010

Botox Update...

Well, I got the Botox shots yesterday for my headaches, and now I am waiting for the Zen to set in.  I am hoping for well-being to wash over me as my headaches gradually disappear...(at least this is my fantasy!)The shots were not as bad as I expected, but not exactly fun. I've had various injections before (cortisone in my neck vertebrae) and experienced the discomfort of dry needling, a very deep form of muscle stimulation, so I think I'm a little more accustomed to being poked and prodded.

The neurologist started with six injections in my forehead (which were unpleasant but bearable), for which I was lying down.  Then I had to sit up and he did 2-3 injections in each temple.  Then he did the back of my head, doing several injections in the scalp at the back of the head (above the neck), followed by several at the top of my neck and down the back of my neck.  Then two more in each trapezoid.  The ones in the forehead and scalp hurt the worst, but it is a fine gauge needle, so it isn't horrible and the injections are very quick.  

He didn't inject my SCM's (head turning muscles) as I was concerned about difficulty driving and turning my head.

Last night I felt sore and achy at the injection sites. Today is the same and I also feel incredibly tired, perhaps from all the emotion and worry I had about getting the shots.  

Update on Friday:
The injections seem to have triggered a flare up in my head pain and I now have a brutal headache and extremely stiff and very sore neck. I feel as bad today as I do on my worst neck and head pain days.  Great. I talked to the nurse at my clinic and she thinks the injections flared me up and hopefully it will all settle in a week or so as the Botox takes effect.

It went much smoother than I expected and I didn't need to be so worried, but I was still glad I brought David to drive me home.  I felt a little drained and beaten up afterwards...!

So far, I don't feel any change in my head pain nor in muscle paralysis.  I can still move my forehead to make a frown but notice it is getting a little stiffer.  I will use my forehead as the measure of when the muscle paralysis fully sets in.  The neurologist said it will take 2 or 3 days to take effect and online I have read it can be up to a week.  He did recommend that if I have any relief, I should come back in three months for more injections as often the second time is more effective.  Next time I will get more units too.

Just an update...I promise to let you know as my headaches magically disappear...(I can only hope)!

Thank you ALL for your supportive comments and for sharing your own headache stories.  It is so nice to know one is not alone, but also sad to hear of your pain.  What a lot of brave people you are!

So hang in there and I will keep you posted on my progress. If it works for me, maybe you can try it too?!


  1. hi teri,

    i just got back from my retreat so i'm catching up here.

    i guess i assumed b/c you were not writing about your headache pain that it had disappeared or at least diminished. i'm so sorry to learn that it had not. i so hope the botox helps. i've heard that it does. so i'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

    my oldest son suffers from migraines and he has sought relief through an orthodontic device. it has just about taken them away. also, he is working on cutting back on the stress. but that seems much harder to do for him.

    i wish you much luck my friend and i hope relief is soon yours.


  2. You're very brave to have all those needles but I do know that when your headaches are that bad you'll do anything to get rid of them. I hope the botox works plus you'll have the added benefit of looking younger (I think that alone would help me headaches!).
    Seriously, I hope you feel some relief soon - let us know.

  3. Sending continued well wishes your way...


  4. My sincere wishes for relief are coming your way. I have not had a chance to read your previous post; I saw it up, but because I have been working on a major project, I have not had time to read it like I want to. Looking forward to keeping up with your progress. Let's trust this is the answer! One friend underwent surgery last year for relief but sadly the headaches returned. I might mention your treatment to her...

    all my best, Donna

  5. Teri,

    I hope this works for you- I hate to think you suffer so- life can be so unfair.

  6. How fantastic you & your Neurologist have embraced this technology Teri. I'm sure it will be a success & let you enjoy many pain-free days.
    Millie ^_^

  7. Terri, you are one brave woman to endure all those shots. I'm praying that it will work for you and that you can get some relief from your pains. *hug* Take care and God bless.

  8. ..joining the others in wishing you freedom from headache pain.

    Indiana, USA

  9. Terri - I have just read this post and am horrified by the pain and trauma you have had to endure. Living with pain alone is hard, but to have to sit through injections like these.. Sweetheart I am so thinking of you and sending you all my love and healing energy.
    Hang on in there and do let us know how you go.

    If there is anything we can do for you, please shout out.

    xx Charlotta

  10. Sending you love my dear friend. xo

  11. Terri, you've got my prayers and I'm hoping with you that this will work. I'm so sorry that the initial reaction has been a flare-up. Take care of yourself this weekend and what about a mental health day on Monday?

  12. I hope it will be better. After a treatment like that it must be better! You are so brave, Teri!
    xo Poppins

  13. My fingers are also crossed - hoping that this brings some relief!

  14. Hi Teri
    I just found your blog and I love it. I too live in Calgary but am a fairly new transplant from Vancouver. I have yet to find any really interesting shopping choices. I don't like paying a pile of money for something you can by in a thrift store for peanuts just because someone else labels it an antique. But of course will pay for a true antique when the value is there. I'm one of those if it makes me smile, I want it people. I absolutely love the first fixture in your previous post. To bad it is too large.

    I'm sure you have been given all the advice in the world regarding your migraines and your doctors have tried everything but since I haven't read all of your posts I'll throw my 2 cents worth in anyway, just in case. Topomax worked for me. My migraines have gone from 3-5 per week for about 7 years to about 2 or 3 per month currently. Most people would think that is horrible, I think it's a piece of cake. I was ready to find the nearest bridge. Had a steady prescription of Relpax just to get to work. Thank God for extended health insurance. I hope the botox gives you some relief. You cannot imagine a life with migraines unless you have lived it.

    Good Luck