Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lovely things from Home

When I was home two weeks ago, I was reminded how beautiful family is.
Simply nothing compares to being loved by a crowd of people you have known forever and ever.

For me, life is about the people and the moments, not the things.  But there is still a sweet nostalgia in possessing something that was loved by someone you love.  While at my mother's house, I found this pretty cake plate that she has had forever and hardly used.  I coveted it a long time ago.  My mother is not one for fancy things.  She used to be quite a clotheshorse as a girl, and still likes nice clothing (and has been known to hoard jewellery), but she isn't one for "fancy stuff".  She must wonder where I came from. 

So she decided it was time to give me the pretty cake plate:   
It has a platinum edge and an embossed floral border you can barely see.  It is pretty but not too fancy.  I wish it had a cloche, but I still love it!

Mom kept the Tupperware cake taker she has been using forever, and I took the "fancy thing".

When I got the plate home and put it in my china cabinet, it looked a little sad without a cake sitting on it.  So I put these sweet little flower candles on it instead:  
They look like little icing flowers and I want to eat them!

This will be an excellent excuse to make a cake more often.

(Flower candles were a gift and came from Pottery Barn!)


  1. What a lovely plate, with lovely memories to go with it! The little roses DO look good enough to eat! I am now going to read your last post and find out about your trip home. Hope it was also full of wonderful memories. xx Suzanne

  2. How pretty just as you have shown it there with the pretty candles. It shouldn't be too tough to round up a cloche... As I've been on the receiving end with my mother a lot of late, I so enjoyed reading about your gift.

  3. There's something very special about having things from your Mom. The cake stand is beautiful and I just love the rose candles on top! They look like sweet delicious edibles you could gobble right up!
    Happy summer - the sun is finally shining here!

  4. Very lovely present! I love the plate and the sweet roses are wonderful.
    xo Poppins

  5. That is one special cake plate. Any cake will be elevated to goodness on that.

  6. hi terri,

    i love that your mom kept the tupperware plate stand. too funny. are you sure you are related? also, i'm really glad you did not put cupcakes on the cake plate b/c you know then i would have to go find a cupcake and eat it everytime i looked at your post on my sidebar!


  7. terri, I do so agree about that 'specialness' of a thing that has been treasured by another. little imperfections, scratches, and blemishes; they all make wonderful reminders that others touched and love something before we did, too.

    lovely post, as usual.....

    all my best, Donna

  8. I love that quote about family, so true!! They do look like icing - yum!

  9. how nice, it's true, we all love our homes and interiors (obviously...) but family and friends are really the most precious...
    the gift is just beautiful.

  10. Really lovely Terri! Such special memories I am sure!

    I have a giveaway from Pillow Mint I would love you to join!

    Art by Karena

  11. So nice that you have something that means so much to you from your Mum. The pattern is beautiful.
    Ness xx