Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Wire Basket to Love

Of all the things on my mind this week (and there are many), I will tell you about the most trivial, but one that brings a smile to my face!
I received a Crate & Barrel gift card for my birthday in March and was a little worried because (a) I have a slighty more traditional, antique-y home and (b) Crate & Barrel is pretty slick and contemporary.

I had never really given Crate & Barrel a chance, but wandered in one night and found lots of things to love.  I knew they had great, affordable kitchen wares but also found some interesting accessories.  While many things are a little sleek for me, I saw some interesting furniture (curvy linen sofas!), affordable natural fibre rugs, and some glorious lamps.  I even saw some bedding I liked.  Imagine my surprise. 

But I was most pleased when I found this cool wire basket in the most wonderful shade of taupey grey brown.  I am loving this colour right now:  
I admire the grey trend, but honestly find that grey looks positively awful in my house.  I have tried grey, but we just don't seem to have the right light for it. It looks dreary and drab in my house.  But this shade of milky, light brown, with its hint of grey, gives me a similar effect and works perfectly with all my woods and off-whites!

Now I stalk the world looking for things in this colour (mocha? cocoa? light taupey brown?).  My living room drapes and a lamp shade are this colour, although a bit darker.  And I've found some lovely art for my downstairs hall with bits of this colour.  I want it all through my house...

And I've found that adding a darker shade, like brown, is very grounding with all my lighter colours; the contrast makes the lighter colours stand out even more!

So thank you Crate & Barrel for this basket, and for giving my oh-so-tired mind a new colour to crave!  

Now...should I leave the basket empty and sculptural, or put something in it?


  1. hi terri,

    i love it. i love it empty and i'll also love it with photos or sea shells or fruit. you are right about a darker shade grounding the room. i find that in my house too.


  2. Yes, this basket has great "bone structure" and will look wonderful empty or piled with things that you love. I think that C&B does have a lot of options, for different tastes and I always walk out of their store with inspiration and decorating schemes swirling around in my head. Happy happy Friday! xx P&H

  3. I love this bowl and the color you are talking about. It has a very earthy and warm feel to it. I like the bowl as is but if you do fill it, perhaps random things so it doesn't end up looking "staged" or like you bought it right off the shelf all made up - twigs, dried flowers, pictures...all just thrown in. You have a beautiful home so I'm sure it will look great no matter what!

  4. Too funny that you and I passed right by our Crate and Barrel store here and never gave it a second glance. I do like their glassware but haven't been inside a store in quite some time.

    Love your new find and I vote for something inside, a jar with flowers or fruit...

    Happy weekend Terri!

  5. I added your blog to my sidebar! :) Ooh that basket is cute.. I am a huge C&B person and I'm lucky enough to live near the Crate & Barrel Outlet!! Love that place.. the wall of bargains is one of my fave spots. You can do so much with that basket and I like the idea of shells and maybe some old vintagey photos too. Oh, my hubby's an engineer too!

  6. Oh it's very nice! Yes, put something in about some of those glittery fruits? (You know I'm kidding, right? ;>) I'd actually leave it empty.

  7. The basket looks lovely, Terri. I am also very fond of wire baskets and think they look very sculptural, both indoors and outdoors. You do not need to put anything into it but if you do it can not be anything that hides the pattern.
    xo Poppins

  8. The basket looks wonderful. I am sure you will find a hundred uses for it.

    I love grey - all shades, but agree that too much of a good thing can get, well too much really.. :)

    x Charlotta

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