Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thomson & Hanson: Inspiration Art

When David and I visited Houston in March, I fell in lust with Thomson & Hanson's exquisite and airy garden shop, which I blogged about here.
One thing that caught my eye was this wonderful display of framed vintage botanicals.  I had been planning a wall of framed art for my downstairs hallway for some time, and was trying to decide between an eclectic mix of sepia-toned art, or perhaps a collection of vintage botanicals.

I fell for this particular set, and found a collection online that are almost identical. But since then, I have found several other vintage botanical prints that I love, which have a little more colour.  I finally ordered a custom merino wool runner for the hallway.  Once it arrives (in 4 weeks), I will make a final decision about which art will look best.
I cannot wait to share this project with you.  Meanwhile, enjoy the view of Thomson & Hanson's gorgeous garden shop.  I could easily live in this room...light, air, art...ahhh!

Have a wonderful week, xo Terri


  1. Loving the botanical prints...I have two walls of them in my house but I can always find room for more! Tracey xx

  2. ahhh, exciting goings on your way, I much fun...

    we look forward to your next installment....

  3. Terri,
    Can't wait to see the outcome especially with the wool runner!

  4. Could you imagine working in such a beautiful enviroment....I would be coming home without a paycheck ! ;)

    Northen Light

  5. I love that table! (Or is it three?) And those trees/topiaries! Thank you for sharing!


  6. How you could find anything better than these would surprise me. And I'm shocked that you might need a little more color depending upon the carpet. So it all comes down to that carpet and we must wait four weeks? Oh well, it can't be as bad as your having to wait that long.

  7. Fantastic! I was just thinking about botanical prints this weekend because I'm loving all of the flowers around town and was thinking how botanicals can sustain us through the long winter months. I do like the idea of massing them in a large group as it makes a bolder statement. Perhaps even mixing vintage with repro and in different sizes and frames? Lovely images! xx P&H

  8. Can't wait to see it!! I know it will be beautiful because you have such lovely taste!

  9. Terri, This shop looks amazing. I'm going over to look at it now. I love these photos and what a perfect inspiration for your hall way wall. Thanks for the airy and organic beauty!

    much love,

  10. I love the "look"of this shop... the symmetry, the criss-cross detail of the table, the cane containers...everything!

  11. Doesn't it look like the perfect place to dig the dirt!?smiles.

  12. Hi Terri!

    Lovely prints! I like the way they are all sitting close to each other and those six (or two or four or however many one wants) make up a pic in itself. Cute little basket you found too! And lovely roses!

    Have a great day!

    Hugs, Susanne

  13. Hi Terri!

    I plan to go to Paris in september, my first visit ever... exciting

    Many hugs

  14. It looks very stylish. I love old botanic prints and they are very decorative.

  15. dear Terri, thanks for the nice post. I don't always leave a comment, but always check your nice blog. such inspiration and beauty.
    have a lovely week!

  16. Borders has calendars on sale every January with gorgeous botanical prints on Italian paper.