Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Windlost Goes to Houston!

This stunning photo of the Chevron tower in Houston is by:

David and I will be visiting Houston for a few days in late March.  I can't wait!  I visited Houston once before, about twelve years ago, but only very briefly.  I got to visit the Galleria and drive the crazy highways in a rental car (sans GPS), but that's all I really remember.  This time, I will be attending some technical training for two days, followed by two days of vacation with my David.

I'm looking forward to warm weather (compared to here) and maybe a little sightseeing and shopping.  I don't have that much free time, so David has planned our entire four days based on which barbeque restaurants he wants to visit (he is a huge fan of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives). Besides eating barbeque five times a day, I have plans to meet a certain famous Houston blogger.  I cannot wait to meet my blogging heroine!  But beyond that, I honesty haven't had a minute to research our trip. 

So my blogging friends, do you have any suggestions for must-see things in Houston?  Any favorite galleries, favorite neighborhoods to cruise, or wonderful barbeque or seafood joints? What about antique or home decor shops - any gems?  Things need to (ideally) fit in a suitcase, so any little shops with great decor accessories would be wonderful...

Can't wait to hear your suggestions...!


  1. Wow! That's a perfect image!!! And I like your flower-pictures: in my country it's very, very complicated to buy a famos bouquet.

    Greetings from Uruguay


  2. Hi Terri - Of course, not being in or from Houston, I have no suggestions to offer other than have fun! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

  3. Terri,
    You lucky gal!!! Tell "her" I said hi! Would so love to join you two, cause I know there will be plenty laughs and giggles. Oh, and if it's not too much trouble ask her if she can lift a few plates from Donna's for me! HAHAHA!!!!

  4. Sounds like you will have a wonderful time. If we went to Houston we'd be doing exactly the same things. My husband would be after the BBQ (love that show Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) and I'd be sourcing out the galleries and shopping. Have a great trip.

  5. Hi Teri,

    Lucky you, I believe Joni will point you in the right direction for all your needs. I can't believe you get to meet her in person. Take lots of photos.


  6. Sounds like great fun! Having never visited Houston, I have no suggestions. Does Joni live in Houston? ;> Uhm, I do remember the crazy driving in Dallas. You're a brave one!

  7. Sounds like fun!! I have no insight to offer lol but I'm sure Joni will steer you in the right direction. Your Davis is a guy after our own heart..I'm texan so I LOVE bbq too!! :0) Have fun!!

  8. If you are a museum person, the Houston Museum of Natural Science and Art Museum are well worth a visit. You should probably take a drive around downtown and marvel at the skyscrapers too!

    Pity you're going to miss some of the best barbecue spots - Salt Lick in Driftwood near Austin (my neighbourhood barbecue) and Coopers in Llano :-)

  9. my only thought is if I was you I would be in touch with Joni Webb and meet her for coffee at Starbucks... how cool would that be, she seems like a sweet and totally interesting person...

  10. Howdy Terri- Funny, I'll be visiting family in Calgary in two weeks and you'll be in my H-town the following week. I do hope you get to meet Joni. She actually lives on my same street but a few blocks away and I've never had the pleasure of meeting her.

    The weather here is gorgeous right now so you'll love that.
    Have a safe and fun time here...lots of great antique stores, restaurants, and our performing arts are pretty stellar.


  11. 1) Rothko Chapel
    2) Empire Cafe on Westheimer (coffee, breakfast, brunch or dessert)
    3) If you have time, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo - largest rodeo in the world
    4) Surroundings on Sunset Blvd
    5) shops on 19th Street in the Houston Heights
    6) to echo Dave Wilson's comment, the Houston Museum of Natural Science has a butterfly conservatory - if you've never been to one, this is a nice experience
    7) Goode BBQ Co on Kirby Drive
    8) Hubbel & Hudson Market Street Bistro for martinis & dinner, but it's way on the north side of town in The Woodlands
    9) Ibiza for dinner & drinks in Midtown
    10) the Houston Arts Festival in Memorial Park might be going on too while you're here
    11) and I'm hosting a brunch at my house on Sunday the 14th... :)

  12. Dying to go to Houston - the design stores look wonderful there. Have you emailed Joni? She would be #1 on my list to visit with - maybe a meet-up at a design store? Have a great time - can't wait to see the pics.

  13. I have no suggestions for your trip, but I just want to wish you fun!
    Enjoy it and let us know all about it :-)

  14. Morning T mentioned you were coming to Houston, so I stopped by to find your blog. It's lovely!

    BBQ- Goode Co., Rudy's

    Cheeky Vintage is a "new" vintage store that has GREAT Stuff. SO much fun.

    The Heights has an eclectic mix of neat houses, great shops, wonderful photography spots, and great places to eat like the Glass Wall. I also like to walk around the Rice University campus for neat photo shots and architecture and Rice Village for shopping (you'd like Olivine) and eats.

    Eats: T'Afia, Reef, BRENNER's (GO! run, love), Brennan's, Ousie's Table, Hugo's, Catalan (2nd Love- Go, awesome), Lot 7, and Max's Wine that too much?

    I also love little places like Sugarbaby's for their red velvet cupcakes.

    Stroll through Discovery Green downtown; there's always something happening.

    I better stop before this becomes an ad for Houston.