Sunday, March 07, 2010

The New Bedside Table: Knob Dilemma

This is the new Pottery Barn bedside table.  I'm not showing you a larger view as the room is still in progress (and the bed isn't even made)!

What I did want to share are the new knobs (from Lee Valley) I'm trying out:  
The tables arrived with ugly wooden knobs, but I decided to swap them out for something more era-appropriate.  Since the table has a vaguely Gustavian feel, I sought something neoclassical and found these round brass pulls that I love!:
But there are two problems with these pulls:  since they are tiny, they're really annoying to pull open compared to a regular knob.  Also, the screws they came with them are too long, so I need to get really short ones so they can be screwed snug (something else to do!).

I also bought little glass knobs to try (below). They don't work as well as the brass ones with the antiqued finish.  I'm still undecided about painting the tables, perhaps white or gray.  They came with this antiqued finish in a cream colour.  I hated it initially, but it's growing on me!  If I painted them white, the glass knobs would be quite pretty:
I may go shopping for a few more options, but I do love the brass pulls.  I probably should hold off until I decide on painting, shouldn't I?  I am terribly impatient! 

What do you think?


  1. Love the first ones, the brass. Perhaps when screwed in tighter they won't be as hard to pull open. They look great! The glass ones are too shabby chic for your look. I'm just saying...

  2. Hi Terri,

    I really like the first brass knob. And I like the table "as is." Why not live with them as they are for a while and then later when you feel like you want a little change, paint them. These are my thoughts.


  3. Very cute table. I like the brass pulls better..and agree with what Janet said:0)

  4. I like the first handle. It fits the look of the table better. As far as it's function, you may gradually get used to it. I changed the faucet in our kitchen and was sure I would never adapt to the new handle set-up, but I am. I just noticed this morning that I'm having to think about it a lot less. I vote for the first one!

  5. I would love to take your photo.

    many hugs

  6. Terri,
    I love the look of the brass pull. But a pull is not ideal when you're reaching from the bed to grab a tissue, chapstick, book,glasses etc...(guess we all know what's in my drawer now!)Try to find a knob that you love, that is also practical. Do you have access to Anthropolgie? Bet they have one to go with the new space!!!

  7. Hi Terri - I like your first choice--the brass pulls. They really seem to have that Gustavian look. Also, agree with Janet's aproach regarding painting the tables!

  8. Love the brass! cute tables.

  9. Function first in my opinion. If something will be a constant source of annoyance, find something that works and also looks great. So, while I really like the look of the first pull, I'd keep looking.

  10. I agree with everyone~ keep the brass. They are pretty and I love the paint as is. Hang on to the glass knobs so that you'll an option down the road when you're ready for a change.

  11. Terri, if you want to find something you like take a drawer with you when shopping for knob ideas... I do like the contrast of the first ones... but I agree with you that you should decide on the colour you are going to paint them first...
    The most important thing about knobs on anything is how they feel in your fingers and how comfortable they are to use.
    Anyway slow down and enjoy the process...the shopping for them is the fun part of it all...
    PS really nice nightstand design! Great pick....

  12. I love the brass pulls, but understand how impractical those can be sometimes. Have you checked out knobs from Anthropologie? They always have such cool knobs! And I love the cream color!

    Kat :)

  13. Love the brass! Makes the table look great!

  14. definitely the brass ones! Even if you decide to paint the tables (although I like them the color they are!)

  15. Hi Terri, I like the brass as well! And I also agree with Janet about waiting to paint them. Sometimes living with something for awhile can help make your decision easier. xoTrina

  16. I like the first ones better, they suit the piece much more. Re the screws, just get a hack saw and cut them to length. It is really easy and will only take a few seconds.
    Cant wait to see the rest...and your made bed =0)
    Ness xx

  17. Hi Terri!

    I agree that those are more era-appropriate! Although when you hinted something about white and the glass I really like that too! Prolly even more than the antique ones but thats just the way I am.

    How are thing in CA? Hope you aren't overstraining yourself!

    Hugs, Susanne

  18. The first pulls look the best to me.

  19. Great table & love the brass ones... and ditto what NESS said. Just cut 'em!

    In regards to my upcoming new online store - some items I can ship to'll be on a case by case deal. To tell the truth, at first as this is a vertical learning curve, I am going to only ship here in the lower 48. What an experiment - eh?

  20. very pretty, I think the brass looks best though. maybe even a darker color would be gorgeous, anthro has some lovely knobs as well

  21. Hi Terri~ Wanted to say hello and hope that you're having a great week!
    I love your bedside table and think the grey would look amazing and I like the brass knobs too, they are more classy and set off a sophisticated French feel.
    Hehe, You are just like me, I to am terribly impatient!
    Those accessories on top and quite lovely ;)
    Hope all is well!

  22. to be honest, I love the first brass ones, they are so stylish and fit with the distressed white look.
    maybe you have to wait a bit more and just think about it. but of course, if you need to have a change, paint them :-)

  23. I love the table! It reminds me of the Chelsea Textiles Gustavian table that I have in my bedroom. Those tables have knobs that are very similar to the brass knobs that you selected - so I agree with you, the style does go well.

    I am not wild about the other knobs with the current color of the chest. I think they might work if the chest were a different color.

  24. Terri, I always love your site, your posts, and especially your smiling face. Hope you will come and follow I have a giveaway coming up soon!
    Art by Karena

  25. Oh Terri- I'm late- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you guys had fun and got to do something special!!

    HUGE HUG & sorry i'm so late!!
    old man cousin ;)