Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday & Bedside Table Updates

I had a wonderful birthday weekend, including a little family get-together on Friday night.  My friend M. was in town for one day, so we squeezed in a little fête to celebrate me.  Here is a collection of all my pretty cards (and fading tulips!): 
I got some wonderful presents, including money (a perennial favorite), gift cards (Pottery Barn and Starbucks), earrings, a big decor book I wanted, flowers (roses, tulips), and books for reading too!  Thanks everyone!

One of my favorite gifts was this little water-colour postcard, painted by M.  It is a scene of magnolia blossoms, blooming right now in her city-by-the-sea, Victoria.  Here things are still cold and brown, so this gift of art and love gave me a much-needed dose of spring!:  
The sweet "daughter" card from my lovely Mom sits in the background.  I missed her terribly this birthday weekend (she lives on the other side of the country!).

Now, onto the guest room.  Here are some more lovely tulips - I have been buying them every week!
On the decorating front, the sad news is that I had to replace the gorgeous neo-classical knobs on my bedside tables. I blogged about them in this post.  I adored them (and so did all of you), but the little round pulls were very annoying.  It was nearly impossible to reach out of bed and open the drawers from an angle with those little pulls.  Plus, the little pulls jingled when I walked around the room!  So annoying!

So I traded them in for my second choice, a brass knob that is actually easy to pull.  I don't love them the way I loved the others, but sometimes you have to sacrifice style for function.

These little knobs were still in Lee Valley's Louis XVI lineup, but are much more practical for a bedside table.  David likes them too:
I will miss the pulls, but at least I can get my Chapstick when I need it!


  1. I love it that you're "test sleeping" your guest room! Everyone should do that. It's one thing to make a room "pretty" for guests, quite another sometimes to actually experience it. Looks like you've worked out both form and function beautifully.

  2. We sleep in this room in the summer time as it is on the ground floor and MUCH cooler. So yes, it had to work for us too! But definitely a good idea to give your guests a room you would love to sleep in too!!

    xo Terri

  3. Terri,

    They look fantastic!!! And the watercolor card is so beautiful.
    Bet you know exatly how to frame it :) and put it in the space. Shelves?

  4. Hi Terri - I didn't know it was your birthday in addition to your blog birthday! So, Happy Birthday! So nice to get cards, flowers and gifts you want to! The new knobs on your night stands look just as nice as the first set you chose and I can understand why you chose function over appearance.

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and I love the beautiful watercolor card and tulips! And your new pulls are just as pretty and even better if you can get to your chapstick whenever you need it!

    Kat :)

  6. I LOVE those pulls and all your flowers and gifts. It looks like it is all coming together.


  7. Beautiful...smiles.

  8. You chose well with the knobs. Annoying doesn't work for me at all anymore. Hope that you and your mom will have some time together before too much longer. Does she ever visit you there? Hope so!

  9. Hi Terri, Isn't it such a lovely feeling to see all your birthday cards standing together. It's a simple little thing but so much warmth and love exudes from it. Your new pulls are just as pretty, and you won't be sorry come summer when you need to open your drawer in the wee hours of the night. xoTrina

  10. Happy birthday, Terri! So it was not only the blog that was celebrating - it was your birthday also!

    The knobs turned out well!

  11. dear terri.... belated happy birthday.... hope you had a wonderful weekend xx

  12. Hi Terri :)

    Lovely tulips!! Such a nice pink color! And cute cards! Sounds like you had a fab birthday :) And yes you do need a dose of spring every now and then! And yes, I guess you don't like them as much but I agree sometimes function has to come before style. Have a great week!

    Hugs Susanne

  13. That watercolor postcard is precious! The replacement knobs are perfect and all of your flowers look delicious.

    Another happy {belated} birthday to you. See you soon!

  14. Happy (belated) birthday! Sounds like a great celebration. Also, like the new pulls- and happy for you that they're functional!

  15. Hello gorgeous Calgary friend. So nice to stumble across your blog!! Will be following. :)

  16. Your tulips are so pretty! Good choice on the knobs.


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