Sunday, July 05, 2009

More Dining Room Lighting Dilemmas

The more I look at light fixtures, the more confused I become about what style I really want for my dining area.  I've been contemplating a contemporary style (see my previous post) to prevent the room from looking too stuffy with our 100-year old antique furniture.  But then again, I love the look of a conventional chandelier and have a penchant for sparkly things!

The other day, I stumbled upon this beautiful antique-looking fixture (below).  I think it's an Italian style, but I'm not entirely sure.  I like the slim candles, the painted metal (and how pretty it looks in a light-coloured room), and the sparkly beads.  It's ethereal, light and elegant, but also totally unfussy.  Perfect for my space. {P.S.  This is a Niermann Weeks fixture, according to Things That Inspire...thanks TTI!}
Dining room from Better Homes & Gardens

Sadly, Italian fixtures like this are hard to find and stretch the budget if they are antiques. I found a reproduction version online at Butler Lighting.  It's a perfect shape, but I really don't care for the bronze colour.  Plus, it's over $1300 USD...
Does anyone know where I could find a reproduction fixture in this style?

But...lest I all my mad surfing I found another fixture by Murray Feiss which I really like (below).  It's a chandelier reminiscent of the classic crystal variety but without so much crystal!  I think it's lovely and fancy, but also simple enough to work with our not-terribly-fancy decor.  
The fixture comes in 4-light and 6-light designs.  The 4-light version is a little smaller than I wanted (1/3 the width of my table), but being dressier than I planned, I think it might suffice.  The 6-light version is quite large (over 1/2 the width of my table) and with the style and the height of it (its quite tall), I'm afraid it might dominate the whole room.  
You see, the size of the 6-light design fits the "rules" (just over 1/2 the width of the dining table, etc.) but since the room is not large and adjoins both the kitchen and the living room, I think the scale of the large fixture might be too much with everything going on in the small space.  Plus, it is very tall and would come down to just above 30" above the table, which fits the "rules" but seems a little overscale for the room.
I know people declare that a chandelier should be a focal point(!), but let's face it, this isn't a grand dining room.  It's a dining area that sits squarely in the middle of two other rooms, a practical hard-working kitchen and a relaxing living area.  There is a lot going on here, so I actually want a fixture which complements the space and fits quietly into the flow of the other rooms.  

Below is the living room end of the room - I think the fixture complements the decor and works with the antique gold colour of the coffee table.  
This week I plan to make myself a scale model from paper to check the size!

Any thoughts?


  1. I liked it, you can find more Dining Room Furniture Set from Casamodern.

  2. if you google lighting fixtures - these companies come up and the have like 20,000 fixtures - some are great looking and not real pricey. have you looked at those yet? I spend hours sometimes going through those companies!!! good luck!

  3. The first chandelier you posted is the Niermann Weeks Italian chandelier. It is SO beautiful, and very large scale. I think it is one of their most popular lighting fixtures! Check out the Niermann Weeks blog, I think they did a post on rooms with this chandelier.

    The second one you posted is made by Currey & Company, and is called the crystal light chandelier. It is very pretty! I have a picture of a bedroom with this lighting fixture. The small version has 6 lights, and is not too small - 27" wide, 33" tall. Is this too big?

    I was seriously thinking about getting a chandelier like this, which is why I know so much about them! I found the prices at Carolina Rustica to be very good - practically wholesale - but I think that their prices are higher now, for some reason.

    Do a search on Currey Crystal Light and see what you find!

  4. Here's a wild what was she thinking comment: What about moving the buffet to the living area to replace the piece next to the sofa. That would open up your space, and make whatever you chose be more centered. Love the Currey chandelier you posted today. Nice transition not over the top, but some very nice glam. Good luck!

  5. I love that first light - so delicate, pretty and unique. But I also like choice no.1 from your previous post too! I haven't been able to find anything I like to go above my dining table either, so I've just let it go bare for the moment (ie, last 5 years!).

  6. Hi Terri!
    I love your new header - those colors are just dreamy!
    That first chandelier is just wonderful!! I hear you on the budget crunch, we're doing the same thing - shopping for chandeliers that don't break the bank. Looks like you are getting some great leads!
    xo Isa

  7. I have been looking for a chandelier for my dining room so I was excited to see your ideas! I love both of the chandeliers - I think the smaller size might be better.

    What about the Pottery Barn Fairfield 5-arm chandelier? It's on sale and I like the glass & shape of it... Just a thought!

    Good luck!

  8. A thought? No... Just best wishes for finding "the light."

  9. Joni - yes, I have tried these mega-online stores. the problem is buying something "sight unseen" and only some ship to Canada. So I have been looking mostly at lines that are carried here in Canada at local shops!

    TTI - thanks for the info on the Niermann Weeks light - sadly I don't think I can afford this!

    Yes, I was aware that the Butler fixture I showed is by Currey & Co (Butler sells several manufacturers) - I think I actually found them via Carolina Rustica! Which reminds me - maybe I need to go look further at this site!

    Louisa -thanks for the tip, but sadly, Pottery Barn won't ship to Canada unless it is stock carried in the Canadian stores (and they carry very little of the ceiling lighting)!

    Thanks all for your comments and help!

    xo Terri

  10. If you can see your living room through to your dining room from your kitchen, does it cut off the view to the outside? Maybe you don't want one that's too busy, in this case, simple could be better!

  11. Terri, I have an account with Currey & Co so let me know if you want to order the chandelier. (I can get it for you at the wholesale price because you're the best) (Shipping tends to be around 20- 25% if I'm not mistaken.. It's been a while since i've ordered something from there.)

    Also, I love how your LR looks with the pops of yellow!! too gorgeous!!


  12. I was going to tell you about Curry (I bought it myself after I saw the Niermann Weeks) but soemone beat me to the punch. I have it in my foyer and love it. MB

  13. It is not easy do take the right decision, espacially when there are so many lovely things to choose among. It will be fun to see how your dining room will end up like.

  14. I have been told that we (canada) can not bring in from the us fixtures that are installed we have different codes for lighting...(fixtures)
    I think for your dining area I agree with (home before dark) move the buffet to the livingroom from the pictures under the mirror...
    I have gone on my Uttermost website, we use their lighting lamps for our design department, there are 3 interesting contem/victorian looking ones that would look cool fab mod and interestly different with your table etc... I will ask our buyer the price points for you if you are interested...we usually only order lamps but I might be able to order fixtures? Or maybe other places in town would able to order them for you...but i might be able to get you a better price...please email me at and I will in turn email you the pictures...If you need any hands on interior design me where you live in Calgary...if you are not far from me I will come over and give you help if you want it...we will talk through email...I am not looking for $ I would love to help you with your interior design because you are the only blogger from Calgary I know and it would be fun to meet you...I am normal I promise, you could meet me at my office first if you want to...let me know... I am not sure I think I might have made this offer to you before, let me know please if you would not like my help,
    Regards, Carol Ann

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