Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I finally found the headboard I want for my spare room!  I forgot that I had seen the perfect headboard in Paris! 
This gracious beauty was for sale at Blanc d'Ivoire's shop in Printemps. It was even the perfect height for my location.  And now I recall why I didn't buy it - they don't ship to Canada and it was about 800 Euros, which is a little over my budget for a simple headboard.  But oh, how I lingered over it.  I snapped this shot for you, dear readers (the saleslady was rather cross with me).
Tonight I found this beauty at OKA design, another favorite shop over the pond.  They probably would ship to Canada but it's also rather dear (almost 1000 pounds!).
Oh, and just in case you're wondering, that Ethan Allen bed was CAN$2800 (about $2400 US).  Can you believe it?  I mean seriously, it's probably machine made in China.  I shall have to investigate further and find out - perhaps it is made slowly and surely by skilled craftsmen and would be worth the cost, but I doubt it.  
Which brings me back to the upholstered bed frame.

I still cannot find one ready-to-buy in the height I require.  I am now considering having one custom-made, like this beauty, also from OKA.  Several shops in town will make simple upholstered headboards, saving one tedious hours of DIY (no, it is not so easy - I know a designer who spent 6 hours making one, not to mention the time to get the rental saw from Home Depot, the wood, the fabric, etc. when you don't have a live-in carpenter/seamstress).  I would rather pay someone $700 (the going rate) and get a perfect custom job with a removable slip I can launder.
But I am still on the fence.  I have living room furniture in need of TLC (an upholstery job, a slipcover job), and we need a new furnace.  And I want a new digital camera.  Ah...the joys of slow decor indeed.  

Happy hunting to you too.


  1. So pretty, all around. I'm sure you will one day have the perfect headboard! I love all these pictures.

    I'm bed hunting too, for my boys' room. I've found a few good possibilities on Craigslist - do you have that where you are?

    I love bargain hunting, although it conflicts with my need to have what I want, when I want it, which is usually right NOW. I'm very American that way.

  2. I love your Paris headboard. Don't you hate shop owners that dont allow photos??
    I hear you about getting someone else to do the work for you. I get the 'you can make that' thing all the time. I am sure everyone thinks I have loads of spare hours to do all these things. Enjoy your made-by-someone-else headboard Terri.
    Ness xx

  3. Michele in Raleigh5:50 am

    Have you tried Ballard Designs? very affordable Louis bed or headboard.

  4. It'll come and all in good time. It's so good that you are willing to wait for that time and just the right thing.

  5. ahhaha..... you're too funny Terri. The bed is ...uhm.... a lot more $$$$$ than a headboard because you'd be buying a whole bed, see? ?...

    and, hey, look at that.., you really do have choices in dumpy old Calgary..... but, same as Paris and London and New York..or even Hong Kong..... .... the same problem still still have to be wiling to fork over the dough......

  6. All gorgeous beds - I can see why you're smitten with this style. Keep looking Terri, there's the perfect headboard out there with your name on it! Have a lovely weekend. Lee :)

  7. ....but the headboard is perfect! yes, expensive, but really, really nice. I would love to have that in my room.

    love bargain hunting too, but I don-t find such good bargains usually.
    have a great weekend and take care!

  8. Pity you couldn't have tucked that bedhead under your arm and taken it on the plane with you! Good luck with the hunt and have a happy weekend Terri.

  9. I understand your love for the French one! Wonderful! But a bit expansive. Keep up your slow decorating - if you wait you maybe will find the right one.
    xo Poppins

  10. Sometimes, I feel that shopping for home fixtures and furnitures makes me feel better, kind of like what prozac, fluoxetine, or any other antidepressant medications do to depressive people.

  11. Hi Terri!

    How are you? It certainly isn't easy finding what one wants at a good price but hopefully you will find what you are looking for eventually!

    I've been thinking about you and hope that you are in good hands and that you get the time and space that you need.

    Have a nice week!

    Hugs, Susanne

  12. Anonymous2:56 pm

    I'll advise you not to have kids. They will destroy your serene home and throw garish toys all over the place. Enjoying your blog- Lara

  13. Oh Terri, I have been thinking about. I hope you are healing well!! It can`t be easy to pick up you life and daily routine again, I hope you find meaning in these small daily moments again.

    Love, Aina

    Ps: Lovely Inspiration!

  14. You'll find it! Or you'll find an idea... I made my headboard from a IKEA tabletop and an old mattress. The upholstery is not done yet, since I'm the queen of the Half-finished Projects Land, but this solution cost next to nothing.
    I can understand that you want these though...
    Trudi xo

  15. I've missed you while I've been gone & see that you've been busy hunting!!! love all the options but I do love the idea of an upholstered washable headboard. (I think that's where I'll be going with mine)


  16. Anonymous8:02 pm

    I also love the slipcovered headboard. I have an antique french iron headboard that I love, but it is very uncomfortable to lean against.

  17. It is in the hunt that makes beautiful stuff more worth possessing, but if it starts to wear you out, then have it custom-made by all means.

  18. terri - check out ballard design, they have a cane day bed. and look at this:

    loved your comment today - you are always soo sweet and supportive.

    hope you are feeling good. my husband was in bed for five days this week with a migraine. :(

  19. Love your blog. Your decorating styles are right in line with my own. Loved the headboard. Why not attempt to place round wire mesh (from a feed supply store) in a good looking frame that used to house a mirror. Paint the whole thing desired color for a low cost headboard. I have done several headboards - especially with good fabrics, making them with ties for easy cleaning. Good luck