Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Much is that Flower in the Window?

Spring takes forever here in the Canadian desert, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains.  We are in a Zone 3b after all.  But I guess it could be could be the Yukon.  I thought I would show you my darling and tenacious double-flowering plum, the magnificent shrub which sits outside our living room window.

The sweet and sad part is...the only branch that has begun to flower is the one sitting up against the window (which is warm, I suppose). Poor little dear.  The rest of the plant has barely got its little buds (see branches in the background).

It is so lovely sitting inside the house, seeing this gorgeous pink confection of flowers pressed up against the window while the rest of Spring seems so far behind.  The grass is greening up and shoots are appearing in the garden, but this is the first true flower in our yard.  Neighbours have daffodils and tulips now too.

Soon I will have lilacs!  Oh, how I hate being so far behind in the garden...

On another note, I checked out all the beds at Ikea and they were a sorry lot indeed.  All flimsy and ugly.  I did find this Gustavian-style bed at Ethan Allen, but it exceeds my current budget.  Isn't it pretty?
I really like a high quality bed frame.  After owning an expensive bed frame (the Mission one in our master bedroom, which was hand-built by a craftsman in Ontario), it is hard to go to a cheap, flimsy frame.  Also, I much prefer a whole bed frame to a headboard, but may end up going the headboard route for affordability.  We shall see.  

I guess like the wonderful Slow Food movement, I should embrace Slow Decorating, as it seems to be the story of my life here in the Land of No Decorating Choices.

Have a great week and enjoy your flowers!
xo Terri


  1. What a little cheerer-upper your lovely pink plum blossoms are. And to think that the entire shrub will be blooming away soon.

    Sorry that the bed shopping at IKEA went poorly. Is there any possibility of hiring someone to make another bed? Is David handy? I know that you'll find a good answer because you're tenacious like that.

  2. Nice little pink you, I hate being so far behind everyone with gardening (Winnipeg)...but our forsythia is bloomng now!

  3. I share your frustation - the shops are mostly pretty dismal here in Adelaide too. We have a few great shops that sell vases and picture frames and all the little things, but so lacking in the furniture area. Glad to see though that you are feeling a little better with the onset of spring and the start of a new decorating project. Can't wait to see what you end up creating.

  4. Love the slow food site. Thanks!

  5. I have to laugh when you write 'land of no decoration choices' because that's how I feel sometimes!! Ikea is not an option, well, I can imagine, in the book it looks okay, but then you go there and, well you see...

    Maybe you can go to a bed specialist, or check more online and paint it yourself in a beautiful colour?
    we are also still on our bed's not easy.
    take care and good luck on your bed search!!

  6. I love the SLOW DECORATING idea. It is the same for me since I rahter wait and buy something I really really want rather than go ahead an buy something to fill the space with. But it feels like our home never will be completed - but why should it? Then the fun would be over!
    xo Poppins

  7. Oh, those look just beautiful. I would love to have little blossoms like that to come home to.