Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Living Room Update

Hello Dear Readers,

I have not been up to posting much lately, with the recent death of my father.  But I wanted to thank each of you all for your generous and kind comments.  They really brightened my days and lifted my spirits and I have read them over and over again.  I thank you deeply.

I am terribly behind on blog reading and haven't felt much like posting.  To be honest, I don't feel interested in much right now, which I think is pretty normal...a death puts things into perspective and makes a lot of life feel suddenly meaningless.  I have simultaneously started a new (and challenging) job and feel wholly overwhelmed.  It is stressful having two big life changes happening at once.  I really think one should be permitted two months off work when a loved one dies.  It is so hard to find normal again...

I've decided that I might take the summer off from blogging, but need to give it more thought as I do love to write and share my thoughts.

In the meantime, today I noticed that I suddenly felt interested in decorating again, so decided I would post a brief about our new coffee table.

It arrived right in the middle of the recent chaos - we had ordered it several weeks ago.  Initially I didn't care for it, but have slowly acquired a real taste for it.  It is light and airy and brings plenty of light into the room with the mirrored shelf (which was the point!):
The table is from McArthur, one of the loveliest furniture stores in Calgary, and was produced by Drexel Heritage.  The style is called Parisian which I liked because it has a certain European old world je ne sais quoi!
I would have preferred a nickel table, as I'm striving for a silver theme, but got fed up searching.  I like that this has an antique look, and the circular motifs are consistent with the curved motif on our existing Queen Anne furniture (not shown).  The top is bevelled glass and there is an antiqued mirrored shelf below.

(I only showed this angle as the rest of the room was full of clutter!)

I bought a forsythia branch a few days ago (on the console table) and love how the yellow brightens the room.  David's grandmother gave me the potted mums, which were happily yellow too!  Yellow is one of the "in" colours of the is not a colour I ever consider but I actually love it here as an accent. I didn't notice the rug has some golden yellow in it until I brought in the forsythia!

Happy week!


  1. Oh, Terri, don't rush yourself. If you need time away from blogging, we will be here waiting when you come back. And hoping you find peace soon.

    And your table is stunning.

  2. Terri, having lost by my parents I know that some days are okay and some days are not so okay - it takes a long time to take in what has happened and adjust. We each move at our own pace. Take care.

    BTW, your little table is a beautiful addition to your living room - it fits in so well.

  3. I agree with the others. We'll still be here whenever you're feeling up to writing. You've been in my thoughts and I hope you're taking it easy.

    I love that table. I think it looks perfect in the room.

    Take care,

  4. Terri, your table is fantastic. I'm glad you showed it to us!

    And the best thing about RSS feeds and the like? Is that you can feel free to totally disappear for however long you need to - and we'll still be here! As soon as you post again, I'll be right back here reading.

    Until then, you'll be in my thoughts. I hope for you - comfort.

  5. HI - I am so sorry to hear about your father. what a sad sad story. it sounds a lot like als or huntington's. I'm really sorry and was so touched by your honesty. he was 4 years older than me. so it seems so young to me.

    onto happier things, like decorating! nothing like decorating to lift your spirits!

    I have to say - the truth - the absolute - swear on my daughter's life truth - i thought that picture was a promo from the store. Your living room looks so perfect - that table is beautiful!! I swear - I had to go back and read it because I assumed it was the web site's picture~ You did real, real, real good job. The rug - the console, the coffee table - it all looks wonderful~ great job!!

    and Terri - feel better soon.

  6. and you are so NOT quitting blogging! forget that!!!! just take your time but you are NOT quitting - I won't allow it!!!

  7. Dearest Terri

    Lovely to hear from you, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You take all the time you need honey, we'll be here for you when your ready.

    I'm alright, thank you, a bit sick of feeling like a hamster on a wheel with work, but who knows it might not be for much longer......

    Big hugs right back at ya.

    V x

  8. You've heard the term "new normal"? That's what you are finding now. Don't rush it for it will come. And why we Bloggers makes such pronouncements such as "taking the summer off." You may not blog as much, Terri, but blog when you wish. Your readers will understand.

    Oh I do love the forsythia, but then I would. That splash of yellow on both tables looks great. I like the table and it seems as if it works beautifully in your room and does achieve your goals.

    Thank you for your visit...yes, we are well. Come back and see John's big news. (You can skip all but the last few paragraphs. ;D )

  9. Hello, Sorry to hear about your father.

    L x

  10. You are making me jealous. Thats the coffee table I ordered but Drexel Heritage lost on me. I cancelled out of frustration but when I went to reorder later on, they had raised the price by more than 50%!!

    Thus, I still have my crappy old coffee table.

    But i love it!

    Glad to see you back.

  11. DH sells the table here for $800 USD so if I could get it for $600 off, I'd jump at the chance. But after ordering it for five hundred something and then having the price jump to 800 overnight, I just can't stomach the idea! But its such a pretty table. It looks lovely in your photo but I know it looks even better in something you picked up in Paris on a trip. Maybe they'll have a sale in my lifetime :)

  12. loreliwarner9:55 pm

    I'm so glad to hear your thinking about decorating,doing something you are passionate about is very healing...and helps with mental clarity! wishing peace and comfort for you...

  13. The space is so beautiful & peaceful! Well done. ♥

  14. Terri- we've missed you!! But of course you really need to take your time & just know we'll all be here waiting whenever you're ready. I've been thinking of you & sending mental hugs your way.

    About the coffee table & LR in generl, I'm loving it. The table is BEAUTIFUL & I love the sparkle the mirror adds. Also loving the forsythia & mums to brighten it up!!

  15. Hi Terry, I completed understand that you are overwhelmed and stressed by the passing of your father and a new job, so bogging is really at the end of you interest. We will still be here, even if you stop for awhile, so do what's best for you.
    I can also understand that you got did have a good moment, of decorating and your little table is wonderful. Material things, don-t matter when you loose someone, but maybe a bit of decorating makes you have good moment and also a bit of therapy!
    wish you a lot of strenght and also fun and inspiration to decorate your beautiful home.


  16. Take your time...we will still be here when you are ready.

    You are in my thoughts,

  17. Dear Terri, I was really happy to hear from you! I've read the other comments and it looks like they've already said all the right things. I agree with them all. It feels bad at the moment, but it will pass. Don't try forcing it to pass though. Blog when you want to, enjoy your hubby and cat's company and support and take one day - or perhaps one thing - at a time.

    And summer's on its way!


  18. I am glad that you are posting now and then and that interior decorating still interests you. Maybe it is a way to come back to daily life again but do not hurry. Sometimes we need to live our lives slower or we will crash into pieces.
    Your table looks nice and fits perfectly into your room. I also like your mirror!
    Take care.

  19. I am so sorry to hear about your father - big hugs to you! Your living room looks beautiful and I love the table you found - looks perfect. Take care, Amanda x

  20. so sorry to hear about your father. I have had 2 deaths in one week, but not someone that close! I never knew what to say to people until this happened to me! Take care.