Sunday, March 15, 2009

Upholstering Dilemma

This chair will be re-upholstered very soon.  I got a fair quote from a wonderful shop in our neighborhood (of course, the cost will vary slightly depending on the fabric selected!).
The chair was my first proper furniture acquisition.  I bought it at a consignment shop when I was 19, in second-year university (of course I had Ikea before that!)  So the chair has been with me 20 years, but is in dire need of some TLC.  

I'm conflicted about what colour to choose.  I always liked the grey-ish look, but it's a little drab.
Here are some photos of our living room, which is undergoing gradual change.  The rug and drapes (ivory silk) will remain. The rug is light and dark brown with ivory, rose, and slate blue.  There is also some burgundy, gold and purple!  
I have a sage green sofa and chair which I dislike, but they'll be here a while.  I plan to replace them within the next 2-3 years for something off-white and a little more elegant.  The stereo will be moved and the mirror hung above the console table.
We also have a beautiful new coffee table on order.  It's metal and glass and is quite traditional.  There is a small rose chair in the other corner of the room, which will be slip-covered off white.

Any suggestions for a new colour and fabric for my chair?

I have three colour ideas but will post them later in the week after I hear your suggestions!
Any ideas?


  1. That's a hard one...a neutral light brown to tone with the rug, or a paler version of the slate blue in the rug?? Velvet would look nice against the traditional lines of the chair.

  2. I have one suggestion...if the sofa and chair are going away some fine day, don't fret too much about making the chair suit them. I've done this for years and now I feel stuck with my color choices. So what color would a new sofa be?

  3. hi there, I also wouldn-t be think to fit the chair exactly to the carpet but something in the same colours, and with a neutral colour you can always put the chair everywhere.
    the chair looks nice though, the shape is great and I can imagine how nice it will be upholstered!

  4. Hi...I havent stopped by your blog in a while. I recall back when I first started we communicated and when I saw your picture I remembered and wanted to say hi.

  5. Terri,

    You mentioned purple in the rug and gray walls? I am wondering how a periwinkle or lavender linen would look. (I have always wanted to try that myself).

    Please make sure we see the finished chair.

  6. Hi Terri!

    Wow, lovely pics! And what a big difference small changes and small details can make!

    I'm not sure what color would be best on your chair. Depends on what color the other things will be. However if you choose a neutral color or a color that is the same in a detail you can't go wrong imo.

    Very tranquil and relaxing livingroom!

    Have a great week!

    Hugs, Susanne

  7. I don't know much about decorating, but I think I'd go with a royal blue (the color from the rug). I'm excited to hear what your choices are!

  8. Thanks for an inspirational blog! I have nominated you as my top ten favourites on Living Art and Interiors.

    Best Wishes,

  9. Cream leather and keep the nail heads.

  10. I agree with Vee about not worring about this chair matching completely w/the sofa you will eventually replace. How about a mid-size chevron zigzag in taupey-grey and cream white or steely,slate blue and cream white with nickel nailheads (in the same place they are now) Looking forward to seeing your samples.

  11. Hi Terri

    Not sure how old this post it but I came across it today. I am looking for someone in Calgary who can do upholstery for a reasonable price and was looking for someone who had some experience they could share with me. I also need some wood refinishing done. Could you let me know the name of this company and if you were happy with them? Thanks.I would love to see a picture of your chair if completed.