Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rooms with RED!

Red armchairs and accents in a lovely room by Mariette Himes Gomez.

In honour of Valentine's Day, I thought I would compose a little post about red

If you've been reading my blog very long, you'll know that I am not a red person.  It has historical reasons - I am a fair skinned blonde and have never looked good in red.  People always talk about blue reds and whatnot, but why wear a shade when I look better in virtually every other colour?   Exactly.

So red was noticeably absent from my life for years.  Maybe it it the Scandinavian bloggers' fault, but I am starting to acquire a fondness for red.  Red and I have made a truce!

When I started looking through my decor files, there weren't many photos of rooms featuring red.  But I did find a few, and these lovelies stood out.  So without further ado, here are some pretty red rooms for Valentine's Day! 
 I love the red in this OKA shop advertisement.  Bright red looks best (to me) in a sea of white! 
The little red ottoman and flowery red and white rug in this Shoot Factory room are delightful

Red accents in this neutral room from Southern Accents magazine are very charming (image via Joni at Cote de Texas)
A single red lamp (on a little red table, no less!) catches the eye (photo:  Shoot Factory)
Bright red pillows and pinstriped bedding brighten up a neutral room (Photo: House Beautiful)
 A classic red rug and red walls work beautifully with dark grey walls (Photo: Domino)
A little red pillow brings a touch of life to this beautiful, quiet living room (Photo: Windsor Smith)
Another classic red rug grounds this airy seaside living room (Photo:  Coastal Living)


  1. It's cool that you can pay homage to a color that you do not prefer and do it so very well. I enjoyed seeing these beautiful rooms.

    Have a happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I love the red accents in these rooms, xv.

  3. Love this red post! I too have felt the same way about red and I never thought maybe it was because I can't wear it either. When I was 20 I wore red with bright red lipstick and it looked great but I definitely can't wear it now!! It's pink and pastels now!

  4. I'm not a red person either, but I do admire it in other people's homes. Those first chairs in the first room and the curtains in the 2nd are great. Happy Valentines!

  5. The Shoot Factory room with a single red lamp is really striking. HVD!

  6. I feel the same way about blue...not for clothing, but in decor! I simply do not like it! I am however finding a new found love for white on white rooms...Do you ever wish you could just start over ...

  7. I do like a touch of red in some rooms. It's a happy color!

  8. I too dislike red, because I am a fair skinned redhead! I can't wear red (or pink) in any form, so I generally avoid it. What did I wear on Valentines Day? Cream!

    I once read a quote from designer Phoebe Howard that a woman should decorate her home in colors that are flattering on her, because shouldn't a person look nice in their own home? I smiled when I read this, because I have my home decorated in greens (downstairs) and blues (upstairs), which are two great tones on me. I also have some corals downstairs, which is not a good color on me, but I blame the color border in a rug that I was given by my mother in law.

    However, I do appreciate your pictures, in particular the bedroom with the red pillows and curtains. I like the look of using the same material in the curtains as in the pillows. It really pulls the room together!

  9. I LOVE red in decorating even though I do not have a lot of it. But I have red and white striped sofa that I love. I am sitting in right now with my computer in front of me.

  10. Wow! you have been so prolific in your blogging since I last checked in on you - you go girl. I must admit that I am a sucker for red - I love it. I am currently driving my 3rd red car and have a red and white duvet cover on my bed. A friend once noted that I can't pass a pair of red shoes in the the mall without at least picking them up and more likely trying them on... life is funny.