Saturday, February 14, 2009

About A Mirror (please help!)

My favorite antique store has a mirror I admire.  I like the unusual shape and detail.  The price was recently reduced and I'm considering buying it.  You see, I have a thing for mirrors (an illness really).  

I would place it in our living room or perhaps the front hall.  And no, we don't need it.  It's been in the shop since summer and I was shocked to still see it there today - her stuff moves fast. But the price is a little steep, so I might make her a lower offer.  

Here's a closer view:
The bottom (blocked by the lamp) does not have the same flourish of detail as the top but is just rounded (like the sides).  I find it quite pretty and odd.  

I don't care for the gilded (gold) colour and would consider painting it.  To get a feeling for what it would look like painted, I photoshopped the photo to show different paint colours.  

Metallic Chocolate Brown (I love this):
White (not so much), but cream might be nice!
Black metallic (nice also)

I'm even considering a grey or taupe:

The possibilities are endless.  But I'm wondering:
(i) do you like this mirror (or is it too granny)?
(ii) do you think it's a crime to paint it (it is an antique and has a lovely crackle to the glaze)?

Opinions are always a helpful reality-check, so give me yours!


  1. I love the mirror but would definitely paint it. If you decide to get it, please blog about it with photos...would love to see it painted and hanging in your home.


  2. I like the mirror, but I think I would paint it black (if you have light walls) or greyish/white.
    I am curious of you get it. I also love mirrors, but they are hard to fit in, since it getting full here!

  3. if its a bargain, buy it and paint it. Otherwise, there may be a better mirror out there somewhere waiting for you......

  4. Like the mirror a lot...but then I love "granny" so you can't go by my preferences...your own speak to you quite well. Of the color choices, I like the brown or the black, but you're going to go with white or beige...I think. :)

  5. I think the mirror would be pretty in a 'gilver' color - silver with warm gold undertones (or maybe it is overtones). But, I also like the darker tones you photoshopped.

    It looks quite small, and my first thought was that it would be great as the mirror over a sink in a powder room. Do you know the dimensions? Would you have it as part of an arrangement on a wall (plates, sconces, brackets) or alone?

  6. I think you should definitely paint it. I like it in the black and also I think I'd like it in the gray.

  7. I like it gold but can't see it works at your place. I think it would be great in a "jewel box" powder room.

  8. I love the mirror. It has a very unique shape. I wouldn't see a problem with painting it at all, and I love your mock-ups. There are only a few things in this world I wouldn't paint - like my great grandmother's china cabinet. Other than that I say free game. I can't wait to hear what you decide.

  9. I would love to put this in a bathroom, but all our bathroom mirrors are huge and installed, so it would require reno-dollars.

    If I use it in the living room, it will just be on a narrow wall near my china cabinet, where there is no room for sconces, etc. In the front hall, I am thinking it's too small for the space - I would use it there with a small demin-lune table eventually. I have a very small front hall.

    The reality is, I have no good place for this, but I like it!!

    : )

  10. It seems that you really like it so why not offer her the price you feel good about and see if she accepts it. Sounds like it would be lovely over a demi-lune table in the front hall. Not sure on the color - you can always live with it hanging for a while and then see.

  11. yep...if you have nowhere to put it...and it is more than you want to pay..... AND you have to paint it as well... is it really worth it>?

  12. Anonymous12:46 pm

    I love the shape of the mirror. I would paint it, although I don't mind the gold, I just don't think it would work well with the soft pastels in your house.


  13. It is a pretty mirror, and I can see why you like it, Terri.
    I agree with Things that Inspire. Perhaps a white gold look or an antiqued silver would look nice.
    I find it hard to pass up a great mirror as well.


  14. I like this mirror -- but hate the gold color. I love the brown metallic idea, although I'm sure whatever you decide on (if you buy it) will be lovely!

  15. Anonymous5:42 am

    i vote for silver-gray or burnished brown. gold doesn't seem to match your home. it is so beautiful

  16. HOw would you feel if it was sold to someone else? That is your answer.

    It isn't for me though as it reminds me of a set of whales jaws - especially if you painted it white.