Saturday, January 31, 2009

~ Painting in Progress ~

Supervising the proceedings...

This afternoon, I painted a second coat of Sea Fog on the little dresser.  Then I attacked my driftwood green bookcase.  It's actually a pretty grey-green, but I've grown rather tired of it.
Doesn't it look much prettier with a coat of pale blue paint?  I think it looks smashing!  Tomorrow I'll do a second coat and paint the undersides of the shelves.  
I also dropped by Lee Valley and picked up four glass knobs for the little dresser.  
Come back tomorrow and see if I manage to make some progress.  I am rather weary from a hard yoga session this morning and wish I could take tomorrow off, but I really must get this project done.

My yoga teacher's motto is "Make your yoga practice really hard and then the rest of your life will seem easy."  I could use a little easy right now...

Soon, Terri


  1. What pretty drawer pulls. Is the hardware store also in USA?

  2. Lee Valley is a Canadian hardware and gardening store but they originated as a mail order catalogue store, so they quite likely ship to the U.S. : )

  3. Looking great so far. Very soothing colors. Please come paint mine. I am feeling very lazy; mentally just not physically motivated.

  4. Those are sweet drawer pulls. I like them a lot and I like this color that you've chosen, too. It looks so fresh and cheerfully light.

  5. It seems to me you are pushing ahead quickly with your project! I love the drawer pulls - the antiquey silver is a great accent to the crystal!

  6. You have really been busy. Both with painting and posting on the blog. I love the pale blue and both your dresser and shelf look lovely in their new "clothes".
    Fun that you like Hammershöi. I did not know if he was known outside Scandinavia. But his paintings are wonderful and there is this calmness over the ineriors like in Vermeer's paintings.
    I live in the south of Sweden, just one hour from Copenhagen. So when you visit Copenhagen it will be easy to go over the sea and visit Poppins' Garden and Home. FUN! I would love to see you.
    love Poppins

  7. It looks great!
    Really like the knobs =)

  8. I love watching this transformation take place, and the colors you've chosen are wonderful-so soothing. I'm really looking forward to seeing the "after" photos. And what an adorable supervisor you have!! :-)

  9. It's tough to tell the correct colours from the monitors and pics....but, originally I was wondering if the colour would blend right into the wall... doesn't look like it on the first pic... the wall looks a shade darker than I thought it was. Should look great.... don'tcha love Lee Valley.... I like to go and fondle all the hardware..... lol....