Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Europe: What (not) to wear?

Since our European adventure is just 'round the corner, I've little time left for posting.

After a physio session, an acupuncture session, and 2nd visit with my chiropractor this morning (in an effort to repair my shoulder and uncompress those compressed nerves), I picked up my dry cleaning and tailoring so I'll look freshly pressed for our grand trip.  I'm not taking many clothes, in an effort to minimize the luggage (and, let's face it girls - maximize the shopping whilst abroad).  

My celebrity chiropractor (he treats all the Olympians and Ironmen in Calgary!) has advised me not to use my right arm too much (all those compressed nerves) and don't lift anything with the right shoulder - not even my purse!  Sure, and how does one get from here to Europe without using one's right side?

Anyway, it hurts like heck to do much of anything, so perhaps I can get across the pond relying solely on my left hand and a kind boyfriend. 

Anyway, enough whining - back to packing!  

I'm taking two pairs of jeans (both new, dark wash), a pair of black dress pants, and 2 pairs of beige trousers.  Most of my summer wardrobe is beige and white, but I'm zipping into autumn with a black v-neck cashmere sweater, an ivory v-neck pullover, two silky blouses (taupe and black) and a white short-sleeve blouse.  I'll bring a black suit jacket and a taupe silk jacket together with some nice tanks for under the jackets.  That's about it.  Oh, and a dress for evening.  I don't know if I'll survive with this few clothes.  Woe is me.
For shoes, I'm bringing very cute Geox runners in tan and white (breathable soles!), a pair of silver-y flats (with a wee wedge heel), and a pair of black heels.  I'm bringing two scarves - one silk and one cotton, and a white trench coat.  How stylish will I be?

Well, I doubt anyone will notice, but my fashion efforts are purely aimed at (i) looking vaguely put-together and (ii) not looking like an American tourist (sorry).

I'd like to bring a nice handbag, but who wants to schlep a giant satchel all day long?  Not I.  I've bought a cute little Roots messenger bag large enough for some cash, lipstick, tissues, and my amazing compact digital camera.

Ready to go?

Still tying up loose ends in the paperwork department - printing final itineraries and hotel reservations, making sure my mother has all my numbers and knows where to find me, and charging up the various batteries and finding my adapters.  I've also got all my addresses for key shopping destinations and such. 

Now, I just need to get well before this trip. I see my chiropractor every day this week and have massages both tomorrow and Friday. Our cat, Biscuit, goes to the kennel on Friday too.  And despite all my guide-book reading and web surfing, I have yet to compile a list of decent restaurants!  I can't read Chowhound at work, so let's hope David gets to this task!


  1. Okay, I am thinking that you are taking too many clothes by half (at least). Do you really need two pair of jeans? Do you really need two or three pairs of beige trousers? I'm thinking that you'll find some fantastic clothes very soon and in plenty of time to be the classy gal that you are. (Harummpfffff, I took absolutely no offense at that "American tourist" comment. LOL!)

    Hope that the excitement of the trip will alleviate lots of the discomfort of those compressed nerves and of coping with the moody grouch bag. The moody grouch bag probably is feeling some stress???

  2. You will be the belle of the ball, so to speak, with that lovely fall collection of clothes you are taking to Paris! I love the dress. Geez I wonder what you will find THERE to bring back HERE. Ha ha, as if shopping will be hard to do!

    I hope David cheerfully helps with your load a bit so your right shoulder can heal.

    Who is looking after kitty while you are away?