Sunday, September 14, 2008

Must Do's: Paris

Mon Dieu, we're leaving for Paris in less than a week!    

Despite my shoulder injury (I think I have what is called in football parlance, a "stinger"), I am keenly organizing for our trip and making a list of "must do's" for both Paris and London.

Pain is a fine excuse to sit surfing the net with a heating pad on my back and several of my favorite pain killers in my belly.

Since I've lived in Paris, my "to do" list is actually shorter than for London because there's less I need to discover. I've already seen the historical sights, visited the museums and galleries, and taken the neighbourhood walks. What I'm most interested in this time is shopping and eating (and showing David some of my favorite things).

Without further ado, here is the Paris "Must Do" list (all photos from Google Images):

1.  Visit the Eiffel tower.  I've done it countless times, but oh, it's lovely.  Plus, it's romantic and maybe I'll finally get a proposal? Right...when pigs fly.

2.  Stroll through the Marais - one of my favorite quarters for neat shops, people watching and great little restaurants.  Near this area is the Jewish quarter where we'll get roules au pavot (poppyseed rolls...yum!) and bagels.

3.  Visit Galeries Lafayette Maison and Printemps Maison.  These are the giant home decor shops of two of Paris's great department stores.  I haven't been to either "maison" store as I was a poor student when I lived here and spent every nickel I had on clothes.  But now, to heck with clothes - show me housewares!
When living in Paris, I adored a smaller department store called "la Samaritaine", but sadly it's closed for renovations.  So instead I'll visit the nearby BHV, which has a home decor section.

4.  French cuisine - we hope to experience some regional cuisines, like Provencal and Basque and Alsatian.  I love bouillabaisse and cassoulet and coq au vin and many of the classic french dishes, but won't be eating any escargots any time soon.

5.  Visit Village St-Paul, a warren of little antique and collectibles shops hidden in the Marais.

6.  Go for a run in Pere Lechais cemetery every morning (okay, once or twice!).  We're staying in a reputable apartment hotel facing the cemetary.  I will say hello to Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf for you.  Oh, and Jim Morrison's buried here too!  .

7.  Visit the Musee d'Orsay and see the Impressionists.  Been there, done that, loved it.

8.  Visit the Paris flea markets - can you believe I'e never been there?  The two big ones are St-Ouen and Vanves. 

9.  Eat countless pains au chocolat and croissants and cafe cremes.  Be still my beating heart.  To heck with french restaurants - I could eat every meal at a boulangerie (bakery).

10.  Hunt for vintage candle sconces and etchings, two of my favorite decorating things (and both small enough to pack).

11.  Okay, there's a number eleven!  Visit Ile. St-Louis, my absolute favorite place in Paris!

For more wonderful photos of Paris, check out one of my favorite photo-bloggers, Eric, at Paris Daily Photo. 


  1. Are you packing an extra suitcase or two? Your plans sound marvelous and lofty. Good that you can afford those extra pounds that I see in your future!

    As for "the proposal," ya never know, you just never know...

  2. Anonymous8:22 pm ARE planning on coming back aren't you?

    p.s., I'm all for the bakeries but I also LOVE escargot ~ bring me back some!

  3. ooh it all looks like so much fun! somehow, the thing i'm most jealous about is the food. :) just goes to show you where my heart truly lies!

  4. Anonymous11:37 am

    yes, Terri. I love escargot. I love swimming bits of bread in the special dish after to soak up the butter and bits of shallots and escargot after I've eaten them thar' snails. See? I'm already half-way Parisienne!

    When did you live in Paris?

  5. A Fine Taste of Paris11:49 pm

    Just left a comment on "the paris apartment" blog and decided to visit yours, too. I see that we have some of the same passions! Visit our Paris apartment on Ile St-Louis for a peek into my French life. Perhaps I'll start a blog of my own if I can commit to writing so frequently.

  6. The Paris Apartment11:54 pm

    That was a great compilation of pics. You're making me excited to go! Hope your shoulder feels better, sending prayers your way,

  7. Hi Terri, It looks like you and David are going to have a wonderful trip, have a safe trip, enjoy your holiday.I hope your feeling better soon.

  8. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Oh I'm drooling to think of David and his dreamy escargot!

    Are bilingual then, if you studied in France when you were 23? That sounds like an awesome opportunity you had! And a master's degree in Engineering. Brainy and beautiful. A great role model for my daughter!

    Have fun chez Paris and I hope your headaches give you a rest while you are traipsing through Europe's romantic city. When Hubby and I stayed in Paris we stayed in a hotel overlooking a graveyard. It would be funny if it was the same one as what you are staying at.

  9. oh what lovely pictures frpm paris..thank you thank has a place in my heart..i was there 2,5 year ago..and the amazing thing is that my feelinh for paris is getting bigger for every day..

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