Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Summer Vacation: Paris! London!

Lest you feel too sorry for me with my miserable health (thank you, by the way!), I thought I would share our summer vacation plans with you:

We're visiting Paris! And London!
A couple months ago, David and I decided it was time for an easy, breezy European vacation. Since we have only two weeks to spare, and neither of us felt like planning a big adventure, we decided to simply book two weeks in Paris. Ahhh...the romance!

This will be my 4th visit to Paris and David's second, but it's my favorite city in the world (so far) and I can't wait to return to my favorite haunts. Paris is like a second home to me as I lived there for a year as a student, where I studied for my master's degree. That year, I walked every street in Paris (or so it seemed) and know many neighborhoods like the back of my hand. My last visit was in 2003 so I'm overdue!

After we booked our flights, we began talking about making some day trips out to the French countryside and eventually stumbled upon the idea of visiting Normandy for a few days. I've already toured Brittany (pure heaven!) and a little of the south of France, but neither of us has visited Normandy. If we go, we'll visit the famous D-Day beaches from WWII, especially the beaches where the Canadians landed, and the Canadian memorials and graveyards around Courseulles and Beny-sur-Mer.

A second plan, which is rapidly gathering steam, is to do a purely urban voyage and visit London for a few days instead of Normandy. We can easily catch the Eurostar (fast train) through the chunnel, and (for several hundred dollars) have a very pleasant stay in London!

I haven't visited London before and have been voraciously reading guide books supplied by colleagues. Besides the sights, I'm already excited about having dinner at Gordon Ramsay's incredible restaurant. We may pass on the £120 per person dinner menu and simply have lunch. I have a colleague who recently visited London and spent £360 on the dinner service, including wine, with his wife! We're also considering Jamie Oliver's restaurant Fifteen. I am rather fond of Gordon Ramsay, however, so I think his hot Michelin-rated spot will pull rank over Jamie's.

We have yet to plan the London leg, so if you have ANY suggestions about places to stay or things to see and do, please, please send me your suggestions! Do you have a favorite home decor store, a favorite gallery, a favorite pub or restaurant, or maybe a beautiful garden you like to visit?

Also, since I was a mere student when I lived in Paris, I really didn't do much home decor shopping, so I'd love any suggestions you have about great home decor or fashion shops. What do you know about the Paris flea market(s)? From what I understand there is the famous one, but also several others that are less overwhelming. Any suggestions? What about restaurants? Do you have any favorites in Paris?

Your suggestions are welcome!

More travel plans soon...


  1. surely the city of love will pull out your inner romantic decorator; how dare you ask for advice. so very happy for you both. this should take some stress off your shoulders. I love the beautiful black and whites you posted by the way.

  2. No suggestions whatsoever, but I am thrilled that you are going to Paris. If ever a good trip was needed, it's now!

  3. You know Paris far better than I do but the flea markets are great fun. If you are going to be there for that long, you can definitely do both of the large ones. I wouldnt say there are many bargains to be had because of the exchange rate but its fun to look no matter what.

    London is a great town and very easy to wander around it. (At least for me, the lack of a language barrier helps a lot).

    Love Gordon - if you do go, you have to fill me in :)

  4. FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

    Hope you have a fab trip. :-)

  5. I understand that you are thrilled. Both London and Paris is wonderful cities and I love them both. But they are quite different in styles and atmosphere. It is a long time since I was in Paris so I do not have any tips. But we were in London in January and I wrote about our trip on my blog. You might find something there that you like.
    And by the way - we are going to Normandy in September. Been there twice before but this time I will not miss Bayeux and queen Matilda's tapestry.

  6. Sorry. Sometimes I get confused. Tips is the Swedish word... I meant Suggestions...

  7. Oooh Paris, I never been there but it sounds wonderful, I love the film Amelie of Monmartre.. it is wonderful, so one day I shall visit. I would love to see Versai.. that big castle ouside Paris where Marie Antoinette lived (I love that movie too) me and my cousin planned since we were toddlers to go there... lovely

    Wonderful trip and do not miss the bristich museum in London when u go there...

    Many many hugs

    ps: U are so welcome to dinner and dessert at my place 30 km south of the arctic circle now when u visit Europe.

  8. I think it is spelled Versailles :-D

    My suggestion to u both is another city that I love and adore, It is ROME.. the city of all citys... I been there twice, will go again.. I think I spend my lifes before this there :-)


  9. British Museum..sorry it is late..I must go to sleep :-D


  10. Wow! Sounds absolutely lovely! It's been a really long time since I was in either of the two cities so I don't have any tips to share really. I hope that you have a wonderful time though! :)
    Have a nice weekend too!

  11. I've been to both Paris and London but I cannot say that I have many tips for you! I was a teenager in London so I have no memories of shopping or anything other than being in awe. It was lovely to be able to speak their language, however!

    This is a perfect trip for you Terri, and I hope it brings some joy to your life!

    Enjoy it.

  12. Terri - just catching up on blogs as I have been away the past few weeks in London and Paris (I took Eurostar, which could not have been easier)!!!! It was my first trip to Paris, so it was jam packed with tourist activities. London, however, is my favorite city, and I have been there many times as both of my parents were British and I still have lots of relatives there.

    I have too many suggestions to put in a comment, so I will e-mail you!

  13. it's me again...
    i don't know paris very well but if i were you i would buy the book called "le guide du routard" in french words...for discovering paris and good addresses
    also try new way of moving in paris called "velib" (cycling)it's very fun but "faites attention aux voitures !"
    if you travel in south in france you're welcome (my parents have a camping near the atlantic ocean and my wife a horse center!)
    goodbye and have a nice trip!!!
    simon cassen

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