Monday, June 09, 2008

And then came Windsor Smith

I’m always falling in love. No, not in real life (sadly) but in my magazine world! Every few months, I discover a new interior designer to love. My designer crushes make me swoon, but can be rather cruel too. It’s hard to find good gossip and you can’t always find examples of their work. Hey, a girl needs information (and photos!) to sustain a decent crush.

Like everyone, I’ve fallen for the big names. They’re easier to love, with more available photos of their work and more published information (like, say, an interview!), and if you’re lucky, your darling has published a book or two.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been smitten by Mariette Himes-Gomez and Victoria Hagan. And then I went a little wild and had a huge Vicente Wolf crush. Then, the dreamy (design-wise) Michael S. Smith smote me and I’ve been in love ever since. I often daydream of photos from his “Elements of Style” and wish I could plaster my body with them. Okay, now I digress…

I have mini-crushes too, like when I fell for Schuyler Samperton and stalked her worldly style on the internet for days.

Most recently I’ve fallen for (Her Royal Coolness) Windsor Smith. I was flipping through a neglected issue of Domino from last summer and WHAMMO, there she was in all her Windsor-ness, showing off her classy, cool California home. I didn't fall for any particular photo - just her groovy personal style, her classic and classy but approachable interiors, and her lovely colour sense. I am smitten!

I find it hard to describe styles to other people, but to me, her work is sophisticated and refined, but also quiet and soothing and liveable. She loves chinoiserie and classic details. And she chooses the prettiest, most perfect colours imaginable. She effectively deploys an arsenal of pale, watery blue-greens and pinks, soft creams and whites, and dusty old muted blues and purples and greys. Plus, I love her unexpected punches of warm colours, like this golden-yellow to keep you on your toes! Pure heaven to my eyes!

The following photos (some rooms are the same as above!) are from Windsor Smith's own L.A. home, as photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Domino, August 2007 (endless thank you's to Style Court)

And to keep you drooling, this glorious sofa (Chloe) is from Smith's own collection:

Isn't she lovely?


  1. I never much pay attention to designer names but I can see why you've fallen in love with Windsor. These rooms are so gorgeous!

  2. I love this designer! Thanks for sharing all of these gorgeous photos! She has great style and I really love the photos you shared!


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  4. Very the pink chair!

  5. Wow, lovely rooms :) I fully understand why you fell in love with these designers :) Such a nice little couch too :) Have a nice tuesday!

  6. SO many beautiful things - my most favorite would have to be the kitchen; that floor! i can't decide if it's a blue turquoise or a robin's egg blue. i love it!

  7. windsor smith10:42 am

    Your joy for all things inspired and beautiful is palpable. I am so honored to have you as an admirer of my work. A kindred spirit you are! Your place is looking amazing. Enjoy every minute of the process as each space blooms. I have no doubt it will be as lovely as you are.
    very best,

  8. Oh I think I have saved almost every photo from this post... what inspiration! A-M xx

  9. I'll be returning to read more about Windsor Smith, but I am just sailing in this morning to say that I have an award for you. As always, there is no need for you to accept it if it's not in "the plan."

  10. Okay, I am back to really read this time. I like Windsor Smith; I especially like the bathroom and the way she did her mantel in her own home. She may be too perfect in the end for my preferences, but she certainly knows her way around color and style. Thanks for showcasing another designer as I really am getting an education!

    And wow! She wrote you a note herself...way cool!!

  11. She's a favorite of mine for sure! Love her pink sofa though it is soooooo expensive!!!

    thanks for your sweet comment. HOpe your headaches are better, girl.

  12. I dream of that pink sofa and the big mirror. Wonderful. How are u? I am fine here in the cold north, summer have not really really got a grip on us yet. It can wait til thursday, when my 3 weeks vacation begins :-D

    Summer hugs

  13. I have read about this designer before - just beautiful! Muted colours with all that light....heaven.....great blog Terri x