Friday, December 21, 2007


I made a banner this week! In fact, I made three! I bet you didn't know I'm a closet crafter! I was inspired by a lovely banner I saw in a Vintage Christmas book from the library, so decided to make my own. I spent about an hour at the craft store figuring out what I'd make, since the options are endless, but once you have an idea, you can never find the right supplies!

Since I took this photo, I've made two other banners, including "Joy" and "Yule". I am running low on vowels, since the box set of letters came with only two of each letter, so there are no more "e" and "o" options.

Sorry the photo is dark. I took it late in the evening and should have taken daylight photos this week, but we've had problems with our digital camera so I didn't take any more pictures and I wasn't able to upload until today, at my office.

I've also included photos of our wee tree (decorated as I preferred) and the big tree, decorated more as David preferred, with coloured lights. I like it also as it is more sentimental with all the personal ornaments, and it was so much fun to decorate. There are a lot of temporary balls as space-fillers until we can buy more special things. This photo really doesn't do it justice as it's a lovely-shaped tree and is very pretty close up with several vintage ornaments and mementos. Note the cat. He has been keeping a very close eye on the proceedings.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy myself a pair of ice skates (from Mom for Christmas), since we have a private lake in our neighborhood (which is why we bought here!), and they prepare it for ice skating in winter! It's been nice and cold lately, so the water should be frozen hard making it safe to skate. We were hoping to go skating on Christmas day or boxing day, but the other concern is my injured foot. It still hurts like crazy. I saw my doctor yesterday and he sent me for an x-ray and said I either bruised the joint and tore some ligaments or worse, broke a bone! He said he thinks it may be a stress fracture (crack)! I'm awaiting results and wearing flat shoes and praying a lot in the meantime. The pain is pretty bad and it kills to walk on it. I'm taking handfuls of Ibuprofen and have driven to work the past two days so I can park close to the office and not have to walk so far to and from the train. Parking costs $18 per day in Calgary!

Just when I was planning to start back to the gym and start a running program in January. Ugh...

On the weekend, I have some last minute things to buy, including groceries, wine, and fresh flowers. Sunday I intend to spend the day baking squares and cookies and maybe cupcakes (which I adore!). On Monday I want to bake a Cranberry Pumpkin upside-down cake for Christmas dessert. David wants something traditional, like a Christmas pudding, but I've already made this cake before and it's gorgeous. When you take it out of the pan and flip it over, it's a pretty orange pumpkin cake with this delectable red cranberry-pecan and brown sugar topping, which runs down the sides. I make it in a funnel pan so it looks elegant.

Have a lovely holiday weekend. I will try to post again before the big event. Boy, I will really miss Christmas when it's over. This has been so much fun!


  1. Love your banner! Really like the muted colors .-)

  2. Oh I love the banner! Hmm...another exciting idea to try out! Your orange kitty looks squishable and huggable. I have bells on my tree which alerts me when our 4 legged critters get to climbing the branches. Ever see a 20 lb butterball lurking in a fake tree? It's hilarious - even as the whole stupid tree tips and crashes!

    DO NOT ice skate until you know what is happening with your foot. My friend had a hairline fracture that was only seen with a bone scan; those kinds of fractures can be worse to heal than a clean break.

    I well remember the "fake Lakes" in neighbourhoods; there were some where I lived. Those lakes are actually storm reservoirs and when we had bad rains in Edmonton a few years ago and those reservoirs filled up and then plumbing backed up into neighbouring houses.... well the homeowners were very upset! That is when they learned the lakes primary function wasn't just to look pretty : ).

    If I don't see another post before "the big day" then have a relaxing xmas and enjoy whatever holidays you may have! I will be seeing "Restyled Home" in a few days as she is my sister-in-law and is coming to town with the family.

  3. Patricia, that's pretty funny! Well, our lake is man-made, but it is meant as an actual lake, for pleasure, and is not a "water reservoir" like in the newer communities, where these storm ponds are part of the urban planning process. I guess any body of water is a water reservoir!! Our lake was the first built in Calgary and was meant purely as a way for developers to make more money off prairie landowners hungry for water. Thirty-five years later, the lake and trees are fully grown in and it looks like the lake has always been there! It's beautiful and I love living here.

    Have a happy Xmas and nice visit with Linda!

  4. Hi Terri!
    Glad to see you got some time to craft and create something pretty...and pretty that banner is!
    I have those same little stocking stickers and framed them individually with each of my kids' names below them. They are the prettiest stickers I've seen... ever!!

    So sorry to hear your foot is still so sore. I truly hope it is not broken! Stay off of it as much as possible and have that sweet man of yours tend to you over the holidays!

    Hope all is going better with your Dad and Mum...I will email you at a later date.

    Enjoy your weekend! Watch the ibuprofen gives me heartburn if I take it too long!


  5. the banner is gorgeous! love it.

    i'm sorry your foot is still hurting so much! like you need more pain on top of the headaches, right? :/

    hope you have a merry christmas!

  6. Sorry to know that your foot is hurting. May you heal soon enough to take advantage of playing this winter.

    Your banners are terrific and they look simply wonderful in their setting. Well done! I've got a basement of this kind of stuff...scrapping supplies...maybe I should put my brain in gear.

  7. Like your banners. And your classical christmas tree, My apartment is not big enough for such one, but my dad got me a small nice one to have on my table in the hallway. I am at work all christmas, we shall do our best to have a swedish christmas, but I am very sure our arabic yougsters will protest.

    Merry christmas again

  8. A great chritmasmorning to u, here in sweden we celebrate christmas the 24th, as I think u have the 25th. so today is our day of gifts and food so the sumach feels as a stone for days :-D me myself work today, until 4, but I think I can leave alittle early for dinner at my parents with my children.

    And yes we have certainly been princesses before, nowadays we just are the light version :-D
    But we still are..

    Christmas Hugs

  9. Sounds like Bonavista ...

    that would be weird.. not only do we live in the same country...the same city...but perhaps in almost the same area of the city if that is the one you speak of with the man made lake... whoa....

  10. The cake sounds absolutely divine! And you're right, the camera didn't do my tree justice either. Something about the lighting vs the flash or something. I don't know. I love the banner, too. Very nice. I wasn't in touch with my crafty side this year, sadly. Maybe next year.