Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Preparations & Random Acts of Kindness

Our front door with boxwood wreath
Today we shopped for some final Christmas things - some specialty goods from a lovely gourmet store called Sunterra, some flowers, and a perfect boxwood wreath from a shop called Paper Trail & Brittania Flowers.
There is a little story behind the boxwood wreath. I decided I wanted one for my front door early in the season, but I phoned and visited several florists and there were none to be found fresh, except in a square shape, unless I wanted one custom-made ($$$)! The only round ones available were plastic. I love the bright colour and texture of fresh boxwood, but I declined having a wreath made and just put up my old (but still nice) artificial wreath from last year.
Today we were browsing in a flower shop in a neighborhood I rarely visit and the shopkeeper was selling off guessed it....round boxwood wreaths! For $15 each! But since it's two days before Christmas and I'm done spending money, I decided I wouldn't buy one, but I did tell the florist the whole story, laughing and saying next year I would give them a call first! To my total surprise, at this point he scooped up a wreath, and told me I could have one!!
So the lovely boxwood wreath adorning my door just in time...two days before Christmas... was a random act of kindness, which makes it all the more lovely!

Last minute Christmas flowers on our sideboard
I also bought these simple green flowers, very cheap. The florists at the grocery store were dismantling huge arrangements that didn't sell and were selling off the parts! I bought this bunch of bright green flowers for $4. That's my kind of price, especially in winter!
The other photos are last-minute decorations, plus photos of the three pretty banners I made this week!! Notice the JOY the reflection you can see the cat (lower left corner), sitting and staring out the living room window...his favorite spot to watch the world go by!
I also love the metal floral art with the was on sale today also and now hangs in my front hall. Thank goodness for ribbon!
The wee ice skates I bought a couple of days ago since we were supposed to go ice skating over Christmas but my foot is still too sore. This will be a fond memory, I hope, for next year. I will buy new skates after my foot heals a bit more, as it's still a little swollen and tender and I didn't feel able to try on skates today!
The little tree with the star atop is a tea-light holder. It looks so pretty all lit-up but I forgot to light it for you!
Tonight I will start baking and tomorrow clean the house! Merry Christmas!
Sweet little JOY, YULE, and NOEL banners I made this week
Lovely metal art
Dancing deer
wee ice skates (wooden)
Tea light holder tree (and pretty floral plate)
White things


  1. Your home is looking very lovely and full of Christmas. The wee ice skates is soooo sweet! And the dancing deer!
    I really like your banners. Beautifully done. I think I will try to make one myself next year.
    I also have a wreath of boxwood, love the simple but elegant style. But I didn't get my for free. :)
    About Christmas trees: here we usually put them up the day before Christmas Eve but there are people who decorate their tree weeks before Christmas.

  2. Some days the planets just align or had one fantastic day! That makes me smile. Yup, the house is looking marvelous!

  3. So glad your weekend is shaping up better than last weekend!
    I love that wreath...surely you can keep it up for awhile after Christmas?? That would make it a doubly good deal!

    Merry Christmas Terri!
    Maybe someday we can meet up in N.B.!!


  4. Your home looks lovely, love the banners and the green flowers! Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Your house looks so nice and inviting, and your front door sets the stage for the loveliness inside! Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas and may your foot be quick to heal!