Monday, August 20, 2007

Missing You

I'm taking a wee blogging hiatus this week. A house guest arrives tomorrow...a lovely young lady who happens to have been my dearest friend in high school, as far as I remember anyway. I haven't seen her in eons, so we have so much catching up (and hopefully shopping) to do!

Later this week, or on the weekend, I plan to post my deepest and most salacious thoughts on the subject of MEN. Sadly, it won't be my generally omniscient thoughts about men, but rather thoughts about the men in our lives in the context of decorating! Do you share mutually impeccable tastes? Or does their Star Wars collection drive you stark-raving mad? How do you cope with their taste in your Master Plan for Global Decorating Domination?
Of course, this assumes there is a man in your life, but if not, then insert the name of whomsoever might be the object of your affection (assuming you live with them), or your sticky-fingered children, or your mother-in-law ("you chose that colour?"), or your hairy stinky dog, or anyone else who thwarts your creative process.
In fact, I may pass the torch after writing about men and invite someone to write about how their darling children absolutely destroy any hope they might've had of leading a sophisticated life. Or dogs - how they fill your home with love, but also doggie smells and poop/pee/fleas/worms/stuff dragged in from outside. Oh, and destroy your leather goods. There is an explanation for shabby chic and it is...pets.
As soon as I can, Terri
P.S. In the meantime, check out the oh-so-talented Melissa's delightful post about *Sight*, one of the 5 senses to consider when creating your smashingly lovely dream home!


  1. Thanks for the mention, I am not worthy!

    I am looking forward to your thoughts later this week! Sounds like a fun topic!

    Have a lovely time with your friend!

  2. I hope you have fun with your pal!
    Wishing you a headache-free visit.

    I am definitely looking forward to your thoughts on men & decorating - my boyfriend and I have certainly dealt with that over the past year in our apartment, but this apartment has so much random furniture and artwork and whatnot (stuff from his aunt, parents, stuff from my parents, relatives), so nothing goes together as it is. Once you share your thoughts, I will chime in :-)

  3. Have a good week with your friend and when you get back pop over to my blog there is a little award waiting for you.
    Racheal x

  4. buttercup&roses2:08 pm

    I just found you via 'milesawayinfrance'...We both got nominated for the 'blogger reflection award' so I thought I'd better check you out!
    I look forward to having a peek at all your previous posts...

    As for men and decorating etc, my man just does what he's told 'lol!!', Im lucky because he does the dirty work and I get to choose all the nice pretty things (fabrics, colours furniture..,)


  5. Hi again Terri.
    Thanks for your comment, you are most welcome and deserving of the award.
    I know what you mean about wondering if anyone likes/reads your blog. I started out with a website designed just for family to keep up to date with our lives in france, I got to a point where I was sure it was only my mum reading it. I announced that I was giving it up and 4 readers suddenly signed my guestbook and encouraged me not to give up, I was stunned so I gave it some thought and decided to change to blogging and to broaden my posts, it changed from a family diary to a broader mix of topics.
    I also had to decide that the blog was just for me and if I got readers then that would be a bonus.
    However it is hard to keep to not careing. When I recently asked everyone to let me know if they could see my header or not, I was stunned by the amount of people that replied.
    You will find that there are a hell of a lot that read but don't comment, I do the same, do you comment on every post that you read? we just don't always have something to say.
    Anyway, I didn't mean to talk quite so much I hope though that I have helped to reassure you a little bit.
    A good tip is to comment on lots of blogs that you like and they in turn will visit yours.
    Also there should be people from my blog checking you out because of the award, for instance, Jennifer at Buttercup and Roses has already been.
    Racheal x

  6. Oh, don't get me started! Seriously, right now I'm in such a migraine storm, I can't even think, but my man cannot even fathom design. His style is somewhere between hairball and frisbee. Basically - nowhere! It cracks me up when he comes up wiht an idea; I just tell him to leave it to me.