Monday, November 06, 2006

Boxes Etc.

A quick update - David and I picked up 40 boxes from our movers last week. These, together with the ones from the office, will set us up to start packing. No, we still haven't started.

Over the next couple of weeks, we need to pack up our two apartments and get all our utilities and services set up. Then, on Nov.30th, we move from our apartments and on Dec.1 move into our new house.

I'm really excited and can't wait to finally settle in. The other day, I added up the number of apartments I've lived in over the years - 5 in Montreal, 2 in Toronto, and 3 in Calgary. That doesn't count the summer jobs when I lived in Fredericton (2 places), Ottawa, and so on. And the year I spent in Paris, and the summer in Dusseldorf. All in all, about 15 different places in the past 18 years away from home. I am tired of moving, tired of settling in to new places. There was once a time when if I didn't move for 2 years, I started yearning for the road! But now, I am ready to make a permanent nest, or at least until we buy something new down the road, or retire to Saltspring.

David also has been on the road for years. Growing up, he lived in several Calgary neighborhoods, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Then as a young adult, he travelled to Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, lived in Quebec for a while, studied in Vancouver. We are both travellers. And we both can't wait to finally buy a set of matching dishes.

I have a lot of nice stuff, beautiful furniture, some nice lamps, some lovely photographs, some art, lots of pottery and lots of odds and ends. But I am eager to buy simple things like a nice set of dishes, eager to paint walls that are actually my own. Our own.

Twenty-three days and counting....


  1. Anonymous10:26 am

    how exciting! i'm happy for you two! and also a little jealous that you spent a summer in paris, a summer in dusseldorf... :)

  2. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Just so you know, if you need ANY help while moving or painting or anything, let me know, it would be a great excuse to come up there and meet you!

    Good luck packing!!

  3. Hi there Terri! I haven't been around much at all lately--I was away all summer and then when I got back, I too was looking for a new place. I just moved in to my new place about a week ago, but not into a house of my own unfortunately, just an apartment. I'm just now getting settled in and will hopefully be able to get back into writing soon.

    I wanted to congratulate you on the new house and wish you the best on the move--I know how taxing it is, especially when you're dealing with chronic pain on top of it all. Hang in there!