Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rosy & Taxi: Horses, Headaches & Unrequited Love

These two beautiful horses are named Rosy and Taxi. Taxi was the handsome, aloof horse I rode when I took English riding lessons again a few years ago.

I rode for about 3 years and was recently thinking that I'd like to try it again (once settled). Our new home is much closer to the acreages and stables of south Calgary - a much shorter drive to see open pasture and nature and an abundance of spectacular horses. I was thinking about riding tonight because (a) I'd like to start lessons again, (b) I was told I was a *natural* (but that it was too bad I hadn't started when I was about 8) and (c) that I stopped riding because of headaches. Life became too un-manageable at the time, with just moving back to Calgary in 2001 and working out of town a lot. I had to give up something, and it was the horses.

David mentioned that he picked up his guitar tonight, a love of his. He's an excellent musician. He can play a song by ear, while listening to it on the radio (even a brand new song!). Impressive! He also plays bagpipes. My hero! It will be nice for us both to be settled in and not be transient and wanting, and just get back to our roots, our loves. Maybe I will pick up my camera again. Once we get the house furnished and painted....hmmm....it may be a while as we are not impulsive shoppers. Oh well, there is always the future to fill.

Headaches have been bad of late. I need sleep and a quiet life. Will see my neurologist soon, and will get back to posting more about headaches soon. No new discoveries, but I did discover it is nice to not blog about headaches every day, to just get on with life a little. Still, I find myself missing the connection to this community, a place where I felt *home* with all the other lost souls, wandering through life looking normal but living in a quiet inner hell. I hope that some day we will overcome.


  1. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Terri, we miss your blogging too! But don't feel like you HAVE to blog only about headaches, we like to hear about the other stuff going on in your life too. After all part of living with headaches is well, LIVING.


  2. Anonymous6:20 am

    Terri, haven't seen you here in a few; hope you're feeling well. Know you're busy with the new place - how exciting!! Can't wait to see the changes, if any. Take care you.