Sunday, September 14, 2014

An Update & Our Upcoming Trip to Charleston & Savannah

Hello dear friends,

As you may have noticed, post-wedding I took the rest of the summer off from blogging!  I am happy to report my indolence has been without equal.  

I have missed you.  But not enough to raise my head from the pillow to say hello.

I was truly exhausted after the wedding.  It took me a while to stop looking at wedding magazines and Pinterest boards, to be honest.  But once I gave up that, I felt completely spent.  I almost felt like I'd borne some sort of wedding baby and then given it up for adoption.  I longed for it daily.  

I'm sure plenty of brides feel like this post-wedding, when they are suddenly sans purpose.  There is so much energy and intellect invested in the planning.  I'm sure that others feel the same sort of void after any long project of passion, which culminates in a single day of celebration.  There's this existential "who am I" that creeps in after all that passion is laid down and your soul is poured out.  Or maybe only introverts feel like this...

I did visit my Mom briefly but kept the trip very quiet so I didn't have to visit all over town. I just needed mental space, privacy, and to turn completely off and be with my Mom.  I wanted no commitments, no plans.  

I did visit a charming little antique shop when I was home and found these divine dinner plates (Furnivals), a set of 11.  A few are quite dark while the rest are a lighter blue:

These will work great with all my white and gold Limoges china.

My Mom was in the midst of a little renovation work when I was home, installing some new windows in her little 1940's house.  Four new windows went in on the west side along with two new front dormers in front (not shown).  

All the new windows are double-hung which means both the top and bottom panes are moveable (up and down) and also can be tilted into the room (hinged at the bottom) for easy cleaning.  Gorgeous windows with lovely trim work and nice sills inside.

The bathroom window (the horizontal one) is an awning style (opens out like an awning, so you can leave it open in the rain).  They have a very heavy winter out east, and the windows will really help with energy efficiency this winter.  She burns wood mostly, but also oil. You can see the spot awaiting her new (beige) oil tank, with its new cement pad.  I didn't think of it, but oil tanks need to be replaced every 10-15 years as they can corrode inside and then you have an environmental mess on your hands (not to mention no heating oil!)

Shortly after returning to Calgary, this happened on September 10th:  

We may be winter-hardy Canadians but we were all utterly appalled to have snow in September.  Since all our trees were still covered in leaves, the soft wet snow weighed the trees down heavily and caused mass destruction around the city.  People lost power for hours, and there were numerous small fires and damage to homes as trees weighed down with snow fell atop hydro wires and homes:
Our apple tree.  Not impressed.  After this photo I went out and knocked snow off branches for half an hour, saving our tree from damage as many trees lost branches from the weight of snow.  Our power was out for 9 hours.  The house was 15C (60F) when the power came back on as the furnace was off all day.  It was around freezing outside.  Some people were without power for days.

After the snow debacle, it warmed up to summertime temperatures again, thank heaven.

For our next adventure, we will soon leave for our honeymoon in South Carolina!

If you have any suggestions for decor, dining and sightseeing in Charleston, Savannah, Fripp Island, or neighboring towns, please send them!  It looks like foodie heaven, and we already have home and plantation tours planned for Charleston, as well as some historic sites (Fort Sumter) and a list of shops to visit in historic downtown Charleston and Savannah.

Please send your suggestions!

xo Terri


  1. So early for snow! This happened to us a few years ago too and trees also caused mass destruction - some people lost their lives! We had early fall weather this past weekend and it looks like all week and I'm LOVING it!!
    So glad to hear you're doing well, I always hear about the post nuptial 'now whats' LOL. So much work then its done and whats left to focus on? I suppose you can plan the ultimate honeymoon trip! Unfortunately I've never been so no recommendations from me other than to have a great time!

  2. Tybee Island right near Charleston is great. My friend, the writer Mary Kay Andrews, writes the funniest books about this area, and her main characters, Weezie and Bebe are both antiquers. Mary Kay has her things in a shop on Tybee. I think it's called Seaside Sisters or something like that.

  3. Hi Terri!

    I was thinking about you on September 10th when it snowed and again yesterday. I was wondering how you were faring after the whirlwind of wedding preparations. After so much effort concentrated on a single purpose, you're bound to feel a bit of a letdown when it's over.

    South Carolina - what an amazing honeymoon destination! Charleston and Savannah are two cities that I'd absolutely love to visit someday. I can hardly wait to see your pictures.

    I hope you have an incredible time!

  4. Snow in September is truly wrong! Unless it's in Siberia, right? We also have oil heating in Maine - it was so expensive to heat the house last winter. You must be so excited about your upcoming trip - take lots of photos to share with us. Ciao, L

  5. OMG ! We are toying with the idea of moving to Charleston. Is your trip for that kind of house tour?

  6. Hi Kerry, I wish our Charleston house tours were house hunting tours but no such luck. I would love to move south. Yes you must move there so I can come visit you. Xo Terri

  7. Snow in September is sad, very sad. I live very close to Canada (upstate NY) so it gets pretty chilly here during winter too... According to our local newspaper, we're expecting our first snow in October :( The antique dinner plates are so lovely. I love their worn patina and intricate details. Enjoy your honeymoon in South Carolina!

  8. Dear Terri,
    I am so happy
    to hear that you had a nice, peaceful visit with your Mother. Those dishes are divine!
    The snow was just stunning for September and is making me wonder what kind of winter we will have (last years was harsh enough!)

    Your feelings after the wedding sound normal as there was so much purpose for the event and now what? That is for you to happy to see you though!

    The Arts by Karena

  9. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Hi Terri,

    I lived in Calgary for a year 32 years ago. I bet it has changed a lot!

    You have a real treat coming when you visit Charleston and Savannah. Contact Amanda at "dixie delights" blog for her suggestions on Savannah since that is where she grew up. Don't miss dinner at The Pink House! Savannah is my favorite city! So beautiful and full of history.

    Have a great time!

  10. This may be too late but if you're going to Charleston you really should go to see the Angel Oak tree on John's Island. Breathtaking!

  11. Hope you and David are doing well!! Sending hugs and love your way,
    Uncle Cousin Lauren

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