Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wedding Favors for Boys

While we wait for our photographer's official photos of our wedding, I thought I'd post a few more small details.

Since we were planning a small wedding, we decided to splurge on favors for our guests.

The men received these handsome bone bottle openers from Wm Sonoma (here):

We really loved the variety in the color of the bone, which varied beautifully from a pale cream to a very dark walnut.  David kept one for posterity too!

We also had a small boy (almost two years old) guest at the wedding, and he received this small woolen lion (which was a big hit at the reception - I think everyone wanted one):
Small Lion, soft wool nursery friend

Our charming hand-made lion was purchased on Etsy from a lovely seller (here) who makes beautiful toys from repurposed materials.

(I'll show you the lady favors later, when I have better photos!)

Hope you're having a lovely summer... 


  1. Terri, you really put a lot of thought into each detail and it shows! the openers are a terrific idea and the lion is adorable. can't wait for more! donna

  2. Terri The bottle openers are perfect for the gents. I love the style and variation as well!
    Have a great weekend!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. These are both lovely favours for your guests Terri. I like the bottle openers, especially those handles. And as for that lion, how adorable! Yes, I do think I want one too. It has such a sweet face. Can't wait to see more of your wedding soon, xoxo

  4. That lion is so sweet. And the rest of her work is equally as charming. Such great choices you made.

  5. LOVE these thoughtful gifts!

  6. So classy! Well done, Terri and David!! I am waiting anxiously to see the official photos. xoxo L

  7. Lucky guests! Those bottle openers are so beautiful, and that lion is the cutest! :0)

  8. That lion is so darn cute!

  9. That lion is so darn cute!

  10. I am dying to see a post of your wedding with photos. Are you going to do one soon? Can't wait.

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