Sunday, June 02, 2013

Lilacs, Etc.

Our lilacs are in full bloom!

I'm sure the civilized world's lilacs have already come and gone, but ours (Zone 3) have finally arrived in all their mauve glory.

I don't know the variety in our garden, but they have a gorgeous double flower that I've rarely seen: 

While walking last evening, I saw dozens of lilacs in bloom and stole a few from our back alley.  Most are the more common variety with single flowers:

Here are the last of our white apple blossoms.  They remind me of home since my parents' property is full of apple trees:

We have every imaginable colour of apple blossoms in the neighborhood.  These pretty pink ones are from the back alley too:

David and I have been hard at work on our perennial beds, reorganizing, dividing old perennials and adding some new ones.  We had almost no snow this winter and low temperatures (no insulation), so there was a lot of winter kill in our garden. Many perennials have died off.

(I will share photos once they are more than 12" tall)

In the meantime, our furnace stopped working today.  It is cold and rainy, so we are waiting for the repairman with cold noses and cold hands.  I have to work on my project for my final colour theory class, which will involve about 3h of painting.  I hope the repair guy gets here soon or I may need mittens.

Have a happy week and hope it is warm where you are!


  1. I must be in a zone 1 niche as nothing here is blooming lol. Ok, maybe the odd tree, but it's really pitiful. We lost two apple trees, but I'm happy to report our remaining perennials that we planted last year seem to have survived. My hydrangea bushes are barely showing life, though, so their fate remains to be seen. I hope your heat is fixed soon!!

  2. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I love lilacs, and can only imagine how wonderful they smell.

    Wow, I can't fathom being cold since we are practically in full blown summer with temps in the 80s! My husband and I went strawberry picking today and brought home about 5 gallons, which meant a long time at the sink washing and hulling berries for the freezer. We kept some fresh and will have them as dessert with sweetened sour cream. Hope you are well, Terri.

  3. Such lovely double blossoms... Yes, my lilacs are nearly done and so tomorrow will find me back out there pruning. It is probably good that the furnace waited this long...hope it's fixed without too much difficulty or expense...would you believe the AC is running at full tilt here? Much too warm and humid to get a good night's rest.

  4. Oh the lilacs are amazing, thanks for reminding me to pinch a few stocks from the back alley, every time I come home lately its raining so much all I want to do is get in and stay in, not run back for flowers... must get some before there done.
    Hope you are feeling well and did not have to paint with mittens on...x

  5. I have not had lilacs in years as they do not seem to thrive in my area. But, there is no more heavenly smell on earth- my absolute favorite!
    Hopefully, your furnace is up and running- stay warm!

  6. Summer has arrived in DC so it's so refreshing to see your spring blooms! I'm ready for fall already, haha!

  7. I love lilacs and their fragrance especially. I have never seen the double variety you have.

    You really need to move south I think. I can't imagine needing the heat on in June! It cooled off to 78 here today.

  8. Very pretty! I've never seen the double lilacs either. Is it a regular-sized shrub or is it one of the smaller Japanese or Korean varieties? These are all flowers that remind me of home too. I would always make a May Day basket for my grandmother and pick apple or cherry blossoms that always seemed to be timed perfectly for the day.

    1. No, they're a giant row of bushes about 12-14 feet tall..!

      I've never seen them before either! xo Terri

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