Saturday, December 08, 2012

My Blue Period

Like Picasso, I am experiencing a Blue Period.  

Not only do I find myself in a slightly blue mood (I think it's the darkness), but I am also experiencing a blue renaissance in my decorating.  

Recently, I indulged myself by purchasing a new blue oil painting!

The painting is by a local artist, Ellen Reid, and depicts a scene in the Canadian Rockies near Jasper National Park and the Columbia Icefields (she used the blues to convey the extreme cold there in winter).  

I tried the painting in two spots but can't decide which suits me (it is presently in position #1 above):

Of course, I will have to rearrange things a bit to accommodate the blues.

I already use quite a bit of blue, but my preferred blues are paler or slate-gray blues.  So this is a bit vivid for me!

I love it and it has spruced up my mood considerably!

I hope you like it.


  1. I love it! And I can't decide in which spot I like it better.

    Like you, I prefer greyish blues, but this painting is gorgeous!

  2. I love blue too. So lovely. I love the painting but that chair OMGOSH, velvet and tufted, my dream.

  3. Hey, how are you? Hope you are well and not having too many headaches...I love blue, and like you prefer the slate blue. I invested in some beautiful silk blue drapes and love! Calming...just what we need:) Brenda.

  4. I do like it a lot and I really like that the sun is beginning to peek through. Perhaps it is a sign of better days ahead.

  5. Hello Terri,

    Oh my, I love that velvet tufted chair, goes well with the beautiful painting. We all need lovely thoughts and things to chase the blues away. I always succumb to them (the blues) this time of year. I think it's because it is such a magical time, celebrating the holidays, wishing people a happy season. If only everyone were as kind all year long.

  6. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Hi Terri, Love this painting! I am a blue person though have scaled back blue to being just accent velvet pillows or throws.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Regards, NB in Ontairo

  7. Love your new painting, Terri. I like it above the blue chair too. Looks great!

  8. Living in the Pacific Northwest.. I understand the darkness issue. It's dark by 4:00 and we wake up in the dark. It's a difficult time of year and we drink lots of coffee! I bought myself a blue light by Phillips. It's supposed to help reduce the chemical in our brain that makes us tired and blue.

    I also make a point of going outside regardless of the weather or amount of light. I keep telling myself that the sun there... it's just behind the clouds.

    Wishing you well.


  9. Beautiful, Terri. I like the pop of bright blue.

  10. so pretty, and I love that it is a local artist, and a 'local' scene. I'm really trying to upgrade our art around our home: more originals, less (or ideally none) mass produced.

  11. that is a beautiful work of art for your home. i know you prefer the softer, grayer blues but i think this is just perfect. also, your friend rob's store is just perfection. how do you drag yourself away?

  12. Love it, my friend!! Very beautiful and cheerful. I think it looks great over the velvet chair. This lovely landscape will work nicely with all your seascapes. Those have a lot of blues, right?

  13. I love the blue and while I like it by the wonderful chair I like it best where the little bowl's blue picks it up. I guess you must be feeling better!

  14. Anonymous12:28 am

    I do hope you are feeling better! I hope my comment did not make you feel worse! Those flowers were "rumpled" because they are FAKE?? (looked like it to me??)

    Help, guys! Is it true?

    We may have to find you a better place!!

    You deserve it!