Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Most Beautiful Store Ever!!!

Yesterday I had the thrill of discovering an utterly perfect store...

Walking into this store is like walking into a dream world, created by a master designer to fulfill all your decorating fantasies!  

Just look at it (~sigh~):
Photo:  Rob Kurkut

Rob opened his shop about 8 months ago, and I've been meaning to visit since reading a little excerpt in a local magazine.  There were no photos, so little did I know what I was missing.

The shop is pure perfection.  I didn't want to leave and immediately descended on Rob and asked him a dozen questions (sorry if I seemed a little stalker-ish Rob!):
Notice the beautiful greige colour block behind the mirror.  Rob painted the floors and added all the moldings, trimwork, and architectural detail himself to the tall, airy space.  I bought the small tray underneath the bouquet of hydrangea (I really wanted the day bed).

The store is a seamless mix of old and new, traditional and pared down, with an exciting balance of feminine and masculine elements, and a little whimsy too.

This taxidermy owl is just about to land atop an elegant commode (and looks surprised to see me):

Rob has decorated for Christmas in the most elegant style, a bit southern mansion, with lighted magnolia garland and boxwood in graphic black urns:

I fell in love with these sconces (don't sell them Rob), but think I need a better house first (something with much taller ceilings and great architecture):
These sconces require a good home (mine)

Rob is an interior designer with an accomplished career in antique buying, marketing, merchandising (and more).  We didn't get to talk longer as he had customers, but it takes a trove of experience (and exquisite taste) to create a dream store like this:
These stunning twin beds are Italian circa 1940's and are made are burled walnut.

I love the colour block of deep Wedgwood blue behind the beds, proof that you can create architectural detail when there is none (provided you have talent, vision and a good mitre saw).

The gorgeous chandelier (insanely beautiful), elegant commode, and tall trumeau mirror complete the regal vignette:

I think I might need the lamp, as a minimum, if I can't afford those beds and that chandelier:

Rob's antiques are second to none, like this stunning inlaid clock. It is reproduction from Italy (1930's), made from inland mahogany:

A little more whimsy:

And look at this lovely upholstery...adding just a bit of pattern to an otherwise neutral dining space:

This elegant carved sideboard makes a powerful statement, but Rob balanced the elaborate and intricate detail with a display of simple white porcelain.  I wish I had this sense of balance and restraint when decorating:

And last but not least, this stunning armoire crested by a laurel leaf wreath sits in a more masculine corner of the store...
The photographer at work with her trusty iphone.  Sorry I forgot my proper camera, otherwise these photos would be more crisp!

If you want to visit Rob, and I know you do, he will be so pleased to see you (tell him I sent you!).

Rob Kurkut Interiors
1415 11St SW 
Calgary, AB
(403) 245-0035

(Rob's store is located near the Galaxie Diner, The Good Earth, and Peaseblossoms - a few blocks south of Maria Tomas on 11th St.)


  1. I found his store 2 weekends ago, its walking distance from my place... I thought I knew him when I walked in... I did, he was the store setup person / designer for French Connection, my friend Pilar's place, on 11th next to Chintz & co. (sad she closed and left the country, both my daughter and I have no idea where she is, did you ever meet her? , my daughter did her hair for years)
    It is an amazing store for sure, you and I now have a place to meet and then go for coffee, lol. no really that's what we should do next time we get together.
    (I must go back and see it decorated for Christmas, it was done up for Halloween the day I was there last and it was so nicely done)
    x Carol Anne

  2. That is one beautiful store, full of inspiration and gorgeous goods. Next time I get to Calgary, I'll be visiting.

  3. Wow! Everything is beautiful. And you've always said you don't have any decent stores there! This is one of the most beautiful store spaces I've seen. I like the restrained but interesting color palette.

    Those beds! Is that burled mahogany? The armoire is really special too.

    When will you be moving in?

  4. holy smokes terri. what a find. what a gorgeous place to shop...maybe to live! i don't think i'd have wanted to leave either. so many gorgeous things and so beautifully arranged. gah! gorgeous! xoxo

  5. Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure he recently had a House and Home feature. I can't wait to see it in person!

  6. oh wow -that is a BEAUTIFUL store!!!

  7. Hi, Terri -
    Thanks for the tour of this gorgeous shop! I want you to give us monthly updates....check out what's new :) I love the creative displays....each vignette tells a charming story!!
    PS - Perhaps you can get a part time job with a huge employee discount :)

  8. OMGosh it is stunning, but I"m sure it's very expensive too. I loved that blue color as well. Love blue in the home. That photo at the end reminds me of the one you posted the other day when you were younger taking a photo through the mirror.
    Loved this.

  9. Hi, Terri!

    I'm so jealous! I was hoping the store was in Vancouver. I see at least three things I want (including the sconces you love).

    Thank you so much for introducing us to this gorgeous store. I'm hoping the shipping charges to Victoria won't be too expensive!

  10. Hi Terri, It does look absolutely fabulous! I will be copying the vignette of the small marble sculpture under the cloche and I am mad for the Black Forest style carved sideboard - it fits perfectly into the ski house in my head. ;-)

  11. i so agree with you terri, absolutely stunning. rob is a very talented man

    loved to see you once again in front of a mirror taking photographs

    wish i was closer!

  12. I agree with Loi....updates monthly! I'm so stealing the color block idea for the bedroom upstairs. The glimpse of the black/white stripped sofa and t hat tufted leather chair...what a great store.

  13. Great find! Nothing is more appealing to me than a bed coronet. I think that chandelier over the twin beds needs to find a home in Virginia, my house to be specific. ;)

  14. Oh my oh my, this is the most beautiful store I have ever come across online, I wish I could visit straight away. Incredible!

  15. This store is ABOSULTELY GORGEOUS!

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