Friday, November 02, 2012

Paris IV

So I'm finally getting around to the final Paris post, if you aren't all sick of me and Paris.  Yes, it is possible to get sick of Paris.  Last time we were there, by Day 10 I was done in.  But this time, I could not get enough!

There was a beautiful flower shop near our apartment.  They had a different small "feature" arrangement every day (for less than $20) and I went in almost every day to see what stunning creations they had wrought (all exquisite):

An artsy shot of detail on the Pont Notre Dame, with the Conciergerie (the prison where Marie Antoinette was locked up before she was guillotined!) in the background:

The bridge has such beautiful decoration:

We always take time to walk along the banks of the Seine.  It is so quiet and removed from the busy streets of Paris (and has wonderful views):
Notre Dame from the Seine

Notre Dame is a stunning Gothic cathedral.  It still shocks me that the Nazis left it standing when they got chased out of Paris... 

We didn't go inside Notre Dame, as I have visited before and didn't feel like standing in line for 2 hours.  But we did go inside many other churches, including St-Paul St-Louis, which was a block from our apartment.  I love this church!

I always light a candle, even if I am not Catholic.  Someone can always use a prayer (me included):

I didn't completely forget about decorating, although I did get absorbed in my photography.  

Here is a pretty antique barometer at the St-Ouen flea market.  I did not ask the price (which in hindsight I should have!):

I liked this little shop (Du Bout du Monde), which had a table setting idea that I really love...a pair of lamps.  I just wish the cords didn't show.  Do you think I need to drill holes in my dining room table to get this look?

I liked the colour of the stormy sky and slate roof here (slate blue is my favorite colour).  The round window in this mansard roof is where Restoration Hardware stole the idea for their mirror of the same name...

We saw some darling, chic little clothes for kids.  French kids are much more chic than North American kids (they wear wool coats!) and start life very fashionably...
I wish I were this cool when I was 3.

And last but not least, here was our kitty friend, saying goodbye on our final day:
Miao!  Don't go...

Farewell Paris.  Parting is such sweet sorrow!


  1. Oh I wish that North American children still wore wool coats. My son had the last one on the continent I'm sure.

    Your photography is so beautiful and I very much appreciated the framed views. I'm surprised that it is not busy along the Seine and found myself wondering if you had patiently waited until all humanity had walked off stage.

    It was not goodbye, only so long for you'll be going to Paris again. I can tell...

  2. Wonderful photos, again! Thanks for the visual tour of your trip. I remember seeing many children's clothing shops when we were in Paris and thinking how gorgeous and stylish the clothes were. You're right, so much more fashionable than kids here (in the US). Oh, and those shots you took of the detail on the bridge -- lovely!

  3. loved your tour of Paris. One day soon, my husband and I will be least, that's what I keep telling him!

  4. Terri, I could feel your pictures. Could actually put myself behind your lense and sense the looking around for just the right way to frame it. You are gifted and patient and both qualities come through in these photos.

    I'm sure Paris in the fall is just what the soul needs.

    Hope you are well. Thinking of you often. xo A

  5. Gorgeous photos, Terri! Admiring the florists in Paris is a treat. Greetings from Sweden :)

  6. Stunning post. I love it. YOur trip sounds like it was a dream.

  7. Hi Terri!

    Oh wow, I am so happy to read that you went to Paris again! You absolutely must have loved it! And I love your pics, and all the warmth in them! Especially the ones with the cats! And you both look great too!

    And I am happy that your mom came to visit! I also love your pics of Biscuit! (It IS Biscuit right? Or have I completely missed something. It says "Kitty" on top of the pic on the right in your blog....?)

    My little darling E (and A too ofc!) has been keeping me busy and so I haven't really had any inspiration or time to blog myself but I've had a look in your blog every now and then to see what you are up to!

    Hope all is well and that your headaches aren't getting worse at least. I hope they are getting better ofcourse!

    Hugs, Susanne

  8. Anonymous6:05 pm


    Merci beaucoup for your tour of Paris!

    Loved the photos and your comments but where were the brioche, croissant or cafe?

    Please share where you ate?

    NB in Ontario

  9. Hi NB,

    I assure you we ate very well! I just did not record the names of most of the restaurants!

    I had many pains au chocolate and gained at least 3 lbs.

    Here are some of the excellent restaurants we ate at:

    Billebaud (not far from the Eiffel tower) - amazing. Ate there twice.

    Rusti, right near our apartment on Rue des Tournelles, which was wonderful Italian. We ate there twice.

    Bistro Paul Bert in St-Ouen near the flea market.

    le Petit Bofinger, near the Bastille - classic French.

    We ate in the Jewish quarter twice...cannot recall the names.

    Also once on Ile St-Louis but I cannot recall the name - touristic but good.

    xo Terri

  10. Such a lovely shop! Darling children's clothes and I like the place setting.

    Yes, the churches are amazing aren't they? If only the walls could talk :)

    Beautiful photos!

  11. Such lovely shots of Paris - especially the one through the bridge with the Conciergerie in the background.

  12. Hi Terri, Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs. The detail shots are fabulous - very evocative. I would love a barometer like that. I will have to ask you where you saw it if I find my self heading to Paris any time soon.

  13. terri i have thoroughly enjoyed this series. i feel as if i've been there myself now. you may have just saved me about 10k! haha, no one day i will see it for myself. you've photographed everything perfectly. and i love that you light a candle b/c yes, everyone needs a prayer now and again. xo janet

  14. Hi Terri, I enjoyed all of your photos; kind of felt like I was with you all along:) Hope you are wellxob

  15. Yes the kids clothes are lovely ... And so are the prices! My guys liked some shoes, I don't pay as much for adult shoes! And my feet aren't growing.

  16. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Hi Terri, How happy I was to see your list of restaurants - will add to my file for our next trip to Paris (we've been there twice and can't wait to return)!

    Merci beaucoup mon amie! NB

  17. Loved your fab posts of Paris Terri and was transported by your very professional looking photography!

    We are planning to revisit Paris next spring. I am reluctant to stay in a hotel as we prefer self-catering. Love your apartment. Where did you find such a gem?


  18. How did I miss this post? I took a friend out for a birthday on Friday and then I had a busy Saturday. It must have gotten down too far in my reading list.


    Wonderful photos! I would be fun to set off in Paris for a day and just shoot flowers...or gold framed doo-dads. Would love to have that barometer so I could monitor the weather in style.

    I'm going to have to get my ass back there. So, so pretty!

    Oh, did you hear about Ohio?

  19. I had a beautiful little sky blue wool coat and matching hat when I was three. My parents have a picture of us in front of the CP Rail Station in Vancouver seeing off my Grandmother who took a train all the way across the country and then a ship to Britain. Only rich people flew in the 60's.

  20. I had a beautiful little sky blue wool coat and matching hat when I was three. My parents have a picture of us in front of the CP Rail Station in Vancouver seeing off my Grandmother who took a train all the way across the country and then a ship to Britain. Only rich people flew in the 60's.