Saturday, October 20, 2012

Paris, Part II

I have another few days in Paris to share with you...

I think I took 1000 photos, so it was a challenge to select only a few for you!

Here is Paris from atop the Printemps Maison Department store...a wonderful view that only a few lucky tourists discover by accident (if they happen to wander up to the cafe on the top floor)!

At Printemps Maison, I discovered many wonderful things, including this much coveted china.  This beautiful brand is Raynaud Limoges.  I needed it.

Of course, I visited Laduree (several locations) to see the beautiful confections...

Next stop was Place Vendome.  I love this grand, expansive plaza very much (even if I cannot afford to shop there): 
I was relieved to finally get a good photograph of the Vendome Column.  I've been trying for years to capture an interesting view of this monument, but the light has never cooperated...

Place Vendome is where all the very posh jewellery stores are located:

Next is one of my most beloved places in Paris, Place des Vosges.  Vosges is a department (state) in France and was the first region to pay taxes to Napoleon.  So he renamed this beautiful square (built in the early 1600's!) after it...
Our apartment was just steps away from the delightful Place des Vosges!

The red brick buildings, from the early 1600's, are exquisite:

Here's another view of Notre-Dame: 
I snapped this from atop a tour bus!  Despite knowing Paris very well, I took a tour bus ride with David and we had a blast!

We visited the inimitable Rodin Museum.  This museum is a must see.  The sculpture garden is incredible, as is the old mansion (Hotel Biron), which houses many more sculptures).  Here is Rodin's famous statue, The Thinker, in the garden:
I must have waited 20 minutes here to get a photo without people in it.  There are many replicas of this statue in museums all over the world.

Here is my dear David in the beautiful rose garden with its immaculately-pruned trees:
 I was so happy to have some stormy wet weather while we were in Paris.  It makes for wonderful skies!

I was so in love with the roses and the light that I couldn't stop taking pictures:

Here's another garden shot before we went indoors.  The French are famous for their beautiful allées of trees:

Now, we're inside the Hotel Biron, which is where Rodin lived for many years and which houses much of his collection, donated to France:

Blogger is being difficult tonight, so in my next post, I'll share more photos inside the Rodin Museum (and a few other things).  Sorry to leave you hanging...

Soon, Terri 


  1. Well you know that I could enjoy the photos you've taken of Paris many times over. The skies are particularly beautiful and the scenes are, too. However, my favorite is of you looking so lovely and serene there in the garden. This must be a look that David loves so well as he is very good at capturing it.

  2. So pretty! What is it about Paris? There's a quality of light that just...well, crystal. Or maybe it's your Zeiss lens.

    I wouldn't mind seeing 1000 photos if you're having trouble editing them down!

  3. Terri ~ That photo of Place Vendome is like a panoramic postcard! I love it!! (BTW, did you see the movie with Catherine Deneuve?) The Musee Rodin is one of my favorites....from the sculptures to the garden to the, so beautiful and elegant. Can't wait to see more.....especially the treasures you found :)

  4. I'm with Mr. Steve....1000 photos of Paris would be divine :)

  5. Enjoying your photos...No matter how many times I've seen Paris, I enjoy seeing it over and over...especially through different eyes!

    Looking forward to more to come~


    p.s. Where exactly were you and David lunching (Antiques' St.Ouen), if you don't mind sharing? We are always looking for a good place in that area!

  6. What a feast for the eyes! Your photos are just beautiful....share as many of them as you would like! Could not ever tire of them. Thank you for taking me away for a few moments. :)

  7. Lisa, I think I mentioned where we were eating at St-Ouen in the post. It is called Le Paul Bert, I believe and I think the street it's on is called Paul Bert, just off rue des rosiers and in behind the Paul Bert and Serpette markets. Don't confuse it with Bistro Paul Bert in Paris. This is Le Paul Bert in St-Ouen I believe.


  8. Regarding the restaurant, it gets terrible reviews but is always full of locals. The staff can be very rude but we've eaten there 3 times and had great meals and don't feel like we're in a tourist trap. The menu is only in french, so I don't think they really care about tourists. We speak french, so we have always been treated okay. It is always very busy, so I think the servers are more really busy than rude. :)

  9. Terri, your photographs are so beautiful, I almost feel like I'd been there myself. The Musee Rodin is one of my favorite places - we visit every time we go to Paris. Looking forward to seeing more pics.

  10. Wonderful photos! You look so Parisian in your simple, chic outfit.

  11. Beautiful photos, Terri. Like you , I can't pass up an opportunity to photograph flowers, but roses In Paris are a different story. Looking forward to your next post.

  12. why have i never visited the Rodin museum -it looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see more.

  13. Wonderful Paris photos. It's beautiful in any light. I'd love some of that Limoges china, too. Such a pretty colour.

  14. betinahluna6:11 am

    Love the trip!I want an apartment in Paris if possible.

  15. So lovely. Thank you for sharing. Kimberly...