Friday, September 21, 2012

A Green & (Blue &) White Party

The past month has been a flurry of activity.  I took 3 weeks off work with headaches as they have been debilitating lately.  Shortly after that, my dear Mom came for a visit.  I will share photos from our trip to Victoria soon.

After delivering my Mom to the airport for a 6 am flight on Saturday (really), we came home and prepared a birthday bash for David. I thought I would share some photos of our little party.  I had a crushing headache the entire day (sorry to sound like a broken record) but did take pleasure in taking some pretty photos for you after neglecting you for so long...!

I set a simple table, using leftover ribbon lengths to tie my (very old and soft) linen napkins:

The plates are Haviland Concorde:

The silverware is my favorite pattern, Danish Princess:

I brought some hydrangeas in from our garden (sideboard) and dismantled a grocery store bouquet to make two more arrangements, including a low one for the table.

I am going through a green and white phase:

I have been trying small arrangements for the table:

And using my pottery collection as containers:

The salad/dessert plates (a gift from my mother) are also Limoges and are very old.  They are quite fragile.   I love using them for dessert.

The next day, I moved the flowers to the living room, to sit next to the beautiful little blue and white Chinese bowl (*love*) my mother bought me in Victoria.  
The new chair, which arrived last week, sits in the background:  

Nothing beats a party as an excuse to buy some flowers and make your rooms look pretty (even if you are feeling supremely crappy): 

We are off to Paris on Wednesday for 10 days.  I hate flying (I get migraines and wonderful!), so I am both dreading and highly excited for our trip.  I am not over-planning this time but have a few goals, like hitting all three flea markets I love (St-Ouen, Vanves and Place d'Aligre) and the Orangerie. 

Mostly we'll go where the wind blows us.

And I am reading restaurant reviews...

More soon.  Blessings, Terri 


  1. Love the plates! It's a must have!

  2. Crisp, delightful photos. Just so charming a table setting and the green and white flower arrangements are lovely. The new chair looks perfectly at home.

    Hope that you will share some photos of the time your mother spent with you. I'm also very much looking forward to seeing Paris again via your trip. ☺ It's the only way that I'll see Paris.

    Have a lovely time and I hope that you won't have to fight through those rotten headaches to do it. I'll be thinking of you!

  3. wonderful pictures, i love the dish with the bird!

  4. Hi Terri,
    Simply Stunning, your table, place settings, flower arrangements. My favorite colors in the flowers. That green is to die for. And Love the shot of the little blue and white bowl. Beautiful. I shall pray for a safe, headache free trip for you and your hubby. God bless.

  5. Hi Terri. What a lovely setting for dinner in your last post - belated birthday wishes to David! I will be thinking of you and hoping that your headaches don't interfere with your wonderful Paris trip. Have a fantastic time together. -Jennifer

  6. First, LOVE the chair. and those drapes are gorgeous. Are those RH? Quite jealous of those I'm not shy to admit.

    Really beautiful photos of the table settings and flowers. Restricting the flowers to green and white is very smart. It's really elegant.

    Happy birthday to Dave!

    Have a great time in Paris. I hope the headaches let up so you can enjoy.

  7. Your birthday table setting is so beautiful. Simple and elegant. I love the calmness of your home, and that new chair looks perfect.

    Have a wonderful trip to Paris. What a great time of year to go. I'm hoping that your headaches will abate somewhat so that you can enjoy yourself thoroughly.

  8. I'm sooooo sorry to hear about your headaches. As someone who used to suffer from migraines, I know what you're going through.

    I love your green and white bouquets. And your new chair - she's gorgeous! What a beautiful bowl your mother bought you.

    Happy belated birthday to David. I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris.

  9. your home is so elegant and beautiful!! I am so sorry to here about you migrains-It must be terrible to live with =(
    Have a wonderful time in Paris and I look forward to hearing about Victoria-I miss it so!

  10. Oh Terri, I am sorry to hear of your constant battles with the head issues...I just cancelled a luncheon that I was to host today because of migraines; so kudos to you for gritting your way through it to make a beautiful and special occasion. Blessings back to you. xob

  11. Hi, Terri -
    Too bad mom couldn't stay for the birthday bash. The table setting is really beautiful. I love your Danish Princess silverware....reminds me of Georg Jensen. And, your new chair looks divine. I hope Biscuit likes it, too :) So jealous of your upcoming trip.
    Take care, my friend!!

  12. So sorry about your headaches - how did you manage to throw a party while in the grips of a headache all day! The table setting looks lovely, and I adore the plates. You will love them for a lifetime, so classic and elegant.

    Safe travels - enjoy Paris!

    - Holly

  13. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Love your flowers and the special blue & white piece from your Mother.

    No need to say enjoy Paris as know that you will -- my only wish for you is to have relief from your chronic headaches be it in Calgary or Paris!

    NB in Ontario, Canada

  14. Such a beautiful table setting, lovely bouquets and I adore your new chair!! How exciting that you're leaving soon for Paris. You'll have a wonderful time. We'll be looking forward to photos! Bon voyage.

  15. Hi Terri, having computer trouble and think my original comment did not show up - wanted to say I love your china and silver - it is just what I want - and hope that you feel better soon. I hope the effects of flying pass quickly and you enjoy Paris to the hilt!

  16. Hi Terri,
    I hope your headaches lift soon. I love that new chair, worth the wait n'est pas? The plates are nice so simple they go with many table setting ideas. Have a great trip! I'll get to posting some of our trip as soon as I get the new iMac set up.

  17. Everything in your home looks crisp and pretty!

    Have a fabulous time in Paris and here's to a pain free flight for you my friend.


  18. I love how simple it is yet it looks elegant.

  19. Terri, your lovely home is always a delight. I'm not surprised kitty loves your linen sofa - its beautiful.

    Sorry to hear you have been plagued with those horrible migraines. They are no fun. I get them occasionally too.

    Have a wonderful time in wonderful Paris. Hope you stay well.


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