Friday, June 08, 2012

Favorite Things in the Office

My home office is in flux right now and I did not intend to style this small dresser (which will be repainted when the walls are done) but it ended up with a little assortment of favorite things:

One of my favorite things is this old candy box my grandfather gave me when I was 20. He died two years later while I was travelling in Europe, so I could not make it back in time for the funeral.  This little box unites me with him and reminds me of him.  I keep precious loose photos inside it. I love all its wear marks, which it had when I got it.  It must be quite old:

I also adore my small etching/engraving collection and still have to frame these.  I haven't figured out yet where they are meant to go but I think they will go on the walls in this room eventually. The gold picture frame was the first thing I bought in Paris 21 years ago, the first time I visited.  It was about $1 at a flea market (I didn't have a big decorating budget then).  The small ceramic dish with the lavender in it was loaned to me by a friend in university with potpourri in it.  I think of her when I recall that I never gave it back (bad me):

This is the engraving on the wall, which I bought in Paris a few years ago.  Shortly after that, I took a picture framing course and this is the first mat that I cut (very badly).  I have not gotten around to reframing it, but I kinda like its imperfection. P.S. After lots of practice, I can cut a perfect mat now:
Happy weekend!


  1. OMG, nice mat cuts! Haha. I've tried doing that. It's not that easy.

    Love the candy box. Very sweet to have something that's a reminder of someone special.

    I spy some F&B paint samples too!

  2. I know - the mat cuts are appalling but I think it is kinda sad/funny at the same time. It takes a lot of practice, for sure. :)

    Yes, F&B samples of gray paint...

  3. love your collection terri. i love it when people surround themselves with things with meaning rather than junk from tj maxx. love your home.


  4. Hi, Terri ~
    I like how you have layered everything so artistically and sympathetically. Your sense of proportions is spot on. And, I love knowing the history of the objects in your collection. The covered candy box from your grandfather is wonderful---that's my favorite! :-)
    Bon weekend, mon amie!

  5. I am noting the dried bouquet of lavender. My sister just gave me such a bouquet and I've wondered what to do with it. I like what you're doing with yours a lot!

  6. Styling vignettes can be so much fun. I like the way you have stories about so many of your items.

    I love surrounding myself with things that have meaning, as you have done.

  7. What a pretty vignette. And I am impressed you do your own framing! Have a great weekend, Phyllis

  8. I always love a little imperfection in every the composition here.

  9. I totally get why you still have not redone the matting... not changing it makes the art special...
    have a great week,
    regards, Carol Anne