Friday, March 30, 2012

The "New" Antiques

Our pretty new chair and dresser arrived this week. I purchased these in Victoria in February.

The chair is Edwardian c.1910 and very pretty. I am not sure where to put it, so it's sitting in the living room for now (I like the light through the filagree detail). It has some nice inlay stripe detail which I did not really notice when I bought it:
I had to pile books on it because Biscuit, our cat, was pretty sure it was meant for him. He was sound asleep on it when David came home from work yesterday.

The fabric is rather granny, but kind of charming nonetheless. I will replace it eventually. The living room is in flux for a while with some new furniture but an old rug, so I will reupholster once I have colours more sorted:
I will show you the little dresser once I get the office organized. It is going in there for now. The office is a disaster area. If my back would ever stop aching, I might attack it.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the filigree detail on the chair. It has great lines everywhere.

  2. Oh, poor Biscuit should get a new chair.

  3. That chair is wonderful and it must be the granny in me that loves the fabric, too. How is Biscuit doing since being driven from the chair? ☺

    Are you icing your back?

  4. Dear Terri - Thanks very much for visiting my newbie blog :-) I am looking forward to following you, and making a new friend in Canada. Love your antique chair! BTW, I'm going to try the stack of books with my 2 doggies!! Loi

  5. PS - I just found you on Pinterest! Love your seascape collection!

  6. I really like the lines of the chair legs, back too, but legs are great.