Monday, March 05, 2012

Edwardian & Other Acquisitions

I recently spent a long weekend in Victoria, visiting family and friends. Besides visiting my (long list of) favorite downtown shops and restaurants, I also stopped at all my favorite antique stores!

On this trip, I purchased this pretty Edwardian (c. 1910) chair:
The chair is a little more "pretty" and feminine than my usual pared-down traditional look but I loved its graceful lines, dainty filagreed splat, and turned arm supports. I think it looks so pretty in front of this window with the light shining through. I may place it in my living room in front of the window, or perhaps the bedroom. I intend to reupholster it in a soft pastel fabric (antique rose? soft velvet green? pale blue?), in keeping with the light, airy, Edwardian ethos.

We also purchased this small dresser as we thought it would be very versatile around the house due to its scale and clean styling. It is fairly small (47" tall, 34" wide) and would be lovely in a small bedroom, walk-in closet or especially a child's room:

The piece has been well-loved and it's not at all fancy, but we like the lines and the idea of replacing some ugly but useful big-box store furniture we have. The drawers all slide like silk, which is most unusual for an old piece.

I'm now thinking it would be great in my office, for papers and loose ends. The shop is closing, so the price was right too...

We are arranging shipping this week. Have a lovely week...!


  1. I very much like both of your new acquisitions.

  2. I like both too.

    The subtle curve of the front legs of the chair are really sexy. And that chest is sweet. Also beautiful lines.

  3. i like the chair but i love the chest of drawers. what style!


    ps - terri i'm sorry i missed the post on the passing of your grandmother. she sounds like she was such a lovely person. i'm really sorry for your loss. thank you for sharing your love for her with us.

  4. Beautiful finds! I really love the dresser.

  5. It would be my version of a modern paradise.

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  6. Beautiful new pieces!

  7. I love your taste. Your home looks so elegant. I love that chair and the chest, I love all the draws. So many possibilities, and the fact that it is so narrow is wonderful.
    Love it!

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  9. Terri,
    Fantastic pieces and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!