Friday, October 14, 2011

~ Travel Finds for Home ~

I love shopping for art, antiques, and home decor when I travel. I try to fit it in with all the sightseeing, history and culture, and great restaurants, but will admit that finding a street of good shops is a favorite thing.

I like to bring home art and fabrics as they don't take up much room in a suitcase, but I have been known to buy big things (like the silk quilt in Paris that required a new duffle bag).

On our recent trip to the Washington area, I did not buy too much, but I thought you might like to see.

I got this little down-filled linen cushion for a chair in our bedroom at Oliver Dunn in Georgetown. The old T- back chair is quarter-sawn oak and sits below our "new" (old) Gabriel Spat painting "Promenade au Bois du Boulogne", which finally arrived:

I love etchings and handpicked this set of six, showing English country homes, at a Sunday flea market we stumbled upon. I plan to frame the entire set:

I picked up this pretty silver dish for a song in an antiques was tarnished but polished up perfectly. The little lead crystal candle holder we found in Emmitsburg, MD on a rainy afternoon en route to Gettysburg:

And you've seen this before - our other new painting, by Virginian Robert Young Clay, which I bought in charming Alexandria, VA:
I also bought a few tops from J. Crew, which we don't have in Canada, and my favorite peppermint hot chocolate from Dean & Deluca.

What do you like to buy on holiday?


  1. You got some great souvenirs from your trip - the perfect kind because they don't scream souvenir, but will subtly remind you of the wonderful holiday. I don't actually shop very much when I'm on holiday. When I was in France this past summer I bought myself and Eiffel Tower and a print (sort of like yours).

  2. There is a very Jane Austin feel to the country house prints. I'm sure they will look quite stunning as a framed collection.


  3. I love antique shopping too, I love "collected" house!

  4. You did very well. Do you practice the trick of taking an empty suitcase with you for gathering your finds? Of all of these, I really like the set of pictures you are planning to frame. They'll be stunning and I know that you'll go to the ends of the earth to find the right frames. You're into detail like that!

  5. Love the Robert Clay painting. Sigh. And of course I hear you on the etchings....just framed 4 more myself....but I need more walls - serious at least 3 or 5 or 5. Under my bed...just framed prints all papered up like presents to open in 10 years. Addict. Yep. One day I'll get help.

    Looks like you had a great trip.


  6. Your trip purchases add to your home decor and don't clash with it the way many things might. I love those etchings.
    I like to collect things for my home, too. Textiles, especially. I have some linen napkins from Avignon and remember the day I bought them every time I use them.

  7. Terry your home looks elegant, gracious and beautiful! Excellent finds! Good work!

  8. I am in love with the etchings of English country homes you found, sunday flea markets are the best! My last 2 vacation finds have been both little brass I used for my watch on my nightstand (courtney bc) and the other is my holder for paper clips on my home office desk (vancouver bc)/ finding special pieces always makes everyday at home a special day, I remember my trips everytime I use them...
    Hope your well, we must do coffee together again before the snow flies...x

  9. I like your prints best. I must say that I do not buy much on vacation. Occasionally clothing but it is usually out of necessity. Next time I am in Pennsylvania I plan to visit my favorite junk shop's $1 section. I have gotten some amazing things on those shelves.

  10. Just stumbled onto your blog! I am really smitten with you style! I am for sure becoming a new back soon for more xoxo!