Sunday, October 02, 2011

~ Alexandria Art ~

We just returned from a whirlwind eight-day trip to Washington DC, Gettysburg, and Alexandria to celebrate David's birthday (a civil war tour). I was lucky to squeeze in some sightseeing and shopping time (with apologies to all the bloggers I did not visit this time!)

I visited a few gorgeous stores in Alexandria and purchased this lovely landscape painting from the very posh Spurgeon-Lewis Antiques. I love the slate blue sky - it's my favorite colour of blue:
The painting is by Robert Young Clay, a Virginia artist who died last year. His impressionistic landscapes are so atmospheric (to use Steve's word) and dreamy. I may need to reframe this as the golden frame seems a little bright for my tastes. David and I both love Virginia, so I was pleased to buy my first work by this well-loved Virginia artist, who was also a genealogist, heraldic artist and archivist.

And yes, our annual art budget is now officially depleted, in case you were wondering.

More about our holiday soon, and I will post lots of photos. Special thanks to Pat for taking me around Alexandria for a couple of hours. She is a lovely lady, an extraordinary tour guide and thrift shop guru! She also has a large and stunning eclectically-decorated house that I could have spent hours admiring. Thanks Pat.


  1. What a beautiful landscape and thank you so much for introducing me to Robert Young Clay.


  2. Yes, that painting is so representative of your style. It's lovely. Is it possible to tone down the frame? It's a nice frame.

    Will watch for more posts on your trip. I've not been to Virginia since my sixteenth year when my parents drove me past the hospital where I was born. ☺

  3. Was just wondering too if you could glaze the frame with a light gray glaze to lighten it. It is a very lovely painting and your photo of it above the chair is a sweet moment.

  4. The sky in the painting is so full of movement - it's what pulled my eye in.
    A piece of art is a great souvenir to bring back from a trip.

  5. Great choice! I see you did explore more of the close to the hotel spots. I had such fun, come any time!

  6. what a beautiful painting terri. you really have such a great eye for these things. everything you pick has such a serene vibe to it.


  7. What a lovely post! I would fall in love with it too. Do you know who Jules Grun is? He's my favorite.
    Okay I have a secret obsession I need to share with you. I find a painting that I love, find the name of the painting and the painters and then I google it to death until I find a clear clean image without a watermark. I then print it, matte it and find an incredible frame, something chunky and fancy and presto!!!!!!!!!!
    Try it.
    Of course we would love the real deal but not all of us have a few hundred thousands laying around to spend right?

  8. I grew up in Alex and I try to drive up at least once a month. I don't think I've been to Spurgeon antiques. Is it on King St.? The painting is lovely totally worth blowing the budget.

  9. Very colonial indeed. This photos are blasts from the past. The paintings, the interiors, the lightings and the furnitures are all amazing and beautiful.

    J. Harp
    writer @ Murano Chandeliers

  10. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Bob and my mother are first cousins and I'm the proud owner of a number of his paintings. They are beautiful and he was, from what I know, a really fascinating man. I don't know if it will matter or not, but I do think he picked all of his own frames. I enjoyed the pictures of your home. It is lovely.