Wednesday, September 07, 2011

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

This is a Spontaneous List of some of my favorite things, as of today, in no particular order:

1. The English countryside
Manor Farm, Oxfordshire (via

2. Rubber boots, clever dogs, and Range Rovers

3. Classical and neoclassical references in art, interiors and architecture

4. Tom Allen's voice in the afternoon on CBC Radio 2 (Shift)

5. Classical music

6. Adagio for Strings by Barber

7. Arvo Pärt

8. Chocolate

9. Cats

10. English real estate shows (“Relocation Relocation” and “Location Location Location”)

11. Down-filled anything (duvets, parkas, furniture)

12. Home décor books

13. Etchings and sketches

14. The New York Times Home & Garden section

15. Great enveloping chairs

16. Audis

17. Tufted sofas and chairs

18. Walking around Paris

19. Sleeping in

20. A good wool coat (like these)

21. Lentils du Puy

22. The west coast
23. The east coast
24. Rain

25. A good massage

26. A good book

27. My mother

28. Lattés

29. Naps

30. Intelligence

31. Wit

32. Crisp white shirts (and gray flannel trousers)

33. Cooler weather

34. Good sheets

35. Comfortable, soft things (clothes, bedclothes, stuffed bears)

What is one of your favorite things?

Unless indicated, all images are humbly borrowed from strangers...


  1. OMG!!!!!! Honestly, 99 percent of your favorite things are honestly mine, except for 7 & 21 (I don't know what they are) and the rain. The rain makes me sad. I don't like feeling sad.
    Tufted velvet, gingham, shiny ribbons, dark raspberry truffle, mushroom risotto, puppies, a cozy chair, Mary Carol Garrity and all her books, Carolyne Roehm and all things Carolyne, fried shrimp, the south, a great accent.

  2. Great list but I have to go look some of these things up.

  3. A fun list. I found myself nodding in agreement at many of them. I like skirts that swish, dark chocolate, tomatoes and basil... maybe I'll do my own post!

  4. Your mother makes #27?! ☺☺☺

    (This reminds me of asking my daughter where the pillow now resisded. She said, "on my bed." I nearly keeled over. I was quite certain it would join all the other things I've given her that live in the hallway.)

    You have selected a few things that arouse my curiosity so I will need to do research. I love the English countryside, too, when it looks like a manor house. (I hope that you know I'm just teasing.)

  5. resisded? Oh forget it. I can't be responsible for misspellings and typos and get anything accomplished.

  6. i LOVE your list. and i agree with everything on it. except i'm more rock and roll.


  7. Vee, my mother is number one always, which is why I qualified with "in no particular order" for all you sticklers and critics...

    xo T.

  8. Janet, I like rock and roll too. And Alternative. xo Terri

  9. I have just discovered you and reading through your list, I find myself nodding in agreement with so many, that I have decided to sign-up immediately.

    So, I am your newest follower.


  10. Really beautiful all!! The latte looks delish!! We share a lot of faves in common!


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