Saturday, June 04, 2011

Where I Blog: A Mini Organizing

I love wire baskets and cool, old-fashioned office stuff, but sadly, I have yet to acquire many cool old things for this space. In the interim, I was feeling disorganized. So I picked up some cute little organizers with a pretty pattern inside - a paper tray, a magazine box, and a pair of little box trays.
The gray-brown colour inside the organizers works with my new RH "fog" linen drapes which you can see (left side) in the photo above. The drapes are actually not even hung yet - they are just draped in place. I must get to this, but was delaying as I am thinking of repainting the office...

The tray (actually the bottom of a box) corrals my pens (sorry, Martha, I don't have all matching pens) and loose paper, as well as my external backup hard drive. I also keep candy in here for late night blog reading:
The trays match my drapes and the fabric sample for the tufted RH chair I want for this space...

I have been slowly scanning old photos, so I am sharing my small desk with this giant professional scanner (left), an Epson v700. This scanner is amazing. But I can't wait until it's off my desk...

Organizers: Chapters Indigo
Ginger Jar: Paris flea market


  1. It's all incredibly neat and tidy, very impressive. From the sliver of them I can see, the drapes look beautiful.

  2. It all looks great. So classic and elegnat...a perfect place to blog from! Just noticed you were in Canada. I am jetsetting to Toronto to see my brother in two weeks, but unfortunately won't be visiting anywhere else. You Candians have great style! I'm looking forward to picking up a few treasures whilst I'm there. Have a great Sunday! Jacqueline xx

  3. so streamlined and calm T, I love it, esp the mac :)

  4. It's all so coordinated and fresh looking. Very elegant.

  5. Terri,
    It looks so good!!! I want to work there :)

  6. Oh my, your desk is gorgeous and so uncluttered! I am staying in today to clean up my entire office- well, make that to start cleaning out, and organizing.... You know when the days run together and you just keep piling things on your desk, intending to get to them soon? Well, it's been that way for me since the beginning of May- yikes!

    You have inspired me to get going!