Friday, June 10, 2011

Night time Finds

I love looking at my Etsy favorites. They capture all sorts of moods I am in at night, which is when I scout the site. Some nights I find colourful things and romantic things and whimsical things that I never buy. They resonate with me, but I am not sure how to fit them into my life. I just like looking at the pictures. I do not even mind when they eventually say "sold". I somehow enjoy them for their fleeting beauty...(in my life in my mind).

Some nights I add to my favorites entire groups of things that are related...this set has mostly a soft, organic, romantic feel to it...I still covet some things here but I manage to live without most of them just fine. I do wish I'd bought the square gray basket below...(but the golden easel to the right was bought by me!!)
If you want to send presents, now you know what I want...


  1. Oh of all these images, I love the winter woods on the bottom left. A lovely gathering of favorites my dear. Does your mama have this blog addy? :D

  2. Yes, I love that photo too...

  3. Terri- Thanks for sharing your finds. They all have such a romantic touch!


  4. I have the same feeling sometimes, things talk to me, I just have to look at them and think about them. It does not mean that I have to own them. This is something my husband do not understand. He always says "buy it if you like it" and then I say "I like it but I do not need to buy it".
    xo Poppins